STEVAL-CCA029V1: 5W x 2 @ 8Ω, 5 ~ 14V in, Class D


The STEVAL-CCA029V1 is a demonstration board designed for the TDA7491LP dual BTL class-D audio amplifier. This application note provides the board specifications and a quick-start list for stand-alone operation. Also included are the schematic, printed circuit board layout and bill of material.

Due to its high efficiency, the device assembled in the PSSO36 (slug-down) package is capable of dissipating heat without any heatsink. Jumpers on the board allow the configuration of the amplifier in order to verify all the features as single-ended or differential inputs, fixed gain settings. Microswitches are also provided to enable the standby and mute functions.


Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Category Audio Amplifiers
Eval Board Part Number 497-13512-ND
Eval Board Supplier STMicroelectronics
Eval Board -
Amplifier Type Class D
Number of Outputs Stereo
Output Power (RMS) @ Load 5 W x 2 @ 8 Ω
Voltage In 5 ~ 14 V
THD+N (1kHz) @ Conditions < 0.1% @ 1 W (8 Ω, 9V)
Features Differential Inputs
Digital Gain
Filterless Output
Short Circuit Protection
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Thermal Protection
Turn On/Off Depop
Efficiency @ Conditions >80%, 1 ~ 5 W @ 4 Ω (6.6 V)
>76%, 1 ~ 5 W @ 8 Ω (9 V)
Component Count + Extras 47 + 14
Design Author STMicroelectronics
Application / Target Market LCD TV / Monitor
Standby Current [Typical] - Not Given
Quiescent Current [Typical] 26 mA
Quiescent Current [Maximum] 35 mA
Standby Current [Maximum] 10 µA
Main I.C. Base Part TDA7491LP
Date Created By Author 2012-06
Date Added To Library 2013-06

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