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Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
RF Family/Standard
802.15.4802.15.4, Bluetooth802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular, General ISM802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular, General ISM, Navigation, WiFi802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular, General ISM, WiFi802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular, Navigation802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular, Navigation, WiFi802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular, WiFi802.15.4, Bluetooth, General ISM, Navigation, WiFi802.15.4, Bluetooth, General ISM, WiFi802.15.4, Bluetooth, Navigation, WiFi
Frequency Group
-L Band (1GHz ~ 2GHz)SHF (3GHz ~ 4GHz), SHF (f > 4GHz)SHF (f > 4GHz)UHF (1GHz ~ 2GHz)UHF (1GHz ~ 2GHz), SHF (f > 4GHz)UHF (1GHz ~ 2GHz), UHF (2GHz ~ 3GHz)UHF (2GHz ~ 3GHz)UHF (2GHz ~ 3GHz), SHF (3GHz ~ 4GHz), SHF (f > 4GHz)UHF (2GHz ~ 3GHz), SHF (f > 4GHz)UHF (2GHz ~ 3GHz), UHF (3GHz ~ 4GHz)UHF (2GHz ~ 3GHz), UHF (5GHz ~ 6GHz)
Frequency (Center/Band)
1.07MHz, 98MHz, 1.575GHz, 1.602GHz, 2.332GHz, 2.45GHz, 5.415GHz1.07MHz, 98MHz, 207MHz1.07MHz, 98MHz, 425MHz, 657.5MHz, 752MHz, 892MHz, 1.4725GHz, 1.561GHz, 1.575GHz, 1.602GHz, 1.955GHz, 2.45GHz, 2.59GHz, 3.55GHz, 5.5GHz, 5.5375GHz1.07MHz, 98MHz, 440MHz, 657.5MHz, 752MHz, 800MHz, 892MHz, 1.4725GHz, 1.561GHz, 1.575GHz, 1.602GHz, 1.955GHz, 2.45GHz, 2.59GHz, 4.15GHz, 5.5GHz, 5.5375GHz1.07MHz, 98MHz, 761MHz, 859MHz, 920MHz, 1.584GHz, 1.602GHz, 1.795GHz, 1.92GHz, 2.045GHz, 2.45GHz, 2.495GHz, 5.5GHz1.0745MHz, 92MHz, 829MHz, 1.176GHz, 1.575GHz, 2.2GHz, 2.4417GHz, 3.35GHz, 5.4GHz1.079MHz, 92MHz, 829MHz, 1.5815GHz, 2.2GHz1.232MHz1.58MHz2.192MHz, 3.75GHz, 4.75GHz, 5.575GHz13.56MHz, 829MHz, 895.5MHz, 920MHz, 1.469GHz, 1.584GHz, 1.585GHz, 1.59GHz, 1.795GHz, 1.947GHz, 2.2GHz, 2.5GHz, 5.45GHz27MHz
Frequency Range
0Hz ~ 6GHz0Hz ~ 7.2GHz520kHz ~ 1.629MHz, 76MHz ~ 108MHz, 698MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.69GHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz, 2.9GHz ~ 3.8GHz, 4.9GHz ~ 5.925GHz529kHz ~ 1.629MHz, 76MHz ~ 108MHz, 698MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.561GHz ~ 1.602GHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.69GHz535kHz ~ 1.605MHz , 88MHz ~ 108MHz , 174MHz ~ 240MHz535kHz ~ 1.605MHz, 88MHz ~ 108MHz, 1.574GHz ~ 1.576GHz, 1.597GHz ~ 1.607GHz, 2.32GHz ~ 2.345GHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 5GHz ~ 5.83GHz535kHz ~ 1.605MHz, 88MHz ~ 108MHz, 380MHz ~ 470MHz, 617MHz ~ 698MHz, 698MHz ~ 806MHz, 824MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.427GHz ~ 1.518GHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.2GHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 2.49GHz ~ 2.69GHz, 3.3GHz ~ 3.8GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.925GHz535kHz ~ 1.605MHz, 88MHz ~ 108MHz, 400MHz ~ 480MHz, 617MHz ~ 698MHz, 698MHz ~ 806MHz, 700MHz ~ 900MHz, 824MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.427GHz ~ 1.518GHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.2GHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 2.49GHz ~ 2.69GHz, 3.3GHz ~ 5GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.925GHz0.6MHz ~ 10GHz1MHz ~ 7GHz1.164MHz ~ 1.3MHz1.573MHz ~ 1.577GHz
Antenna Type
-BeadBiconicalBladeBlade, TiltBlade, Tilt/SwivelCeramic PatchChipCorner ReflectorDesktopDipole AntennaDirectional Antenna
Number of Bands
01:02.511, 21.021.02, 1.031.02,, 1.21.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.71.1, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9, 2, 2.4
Return Loss
-40dB-35.1dB, -37.9dB-34.626dB-34dB-32.828dB, -31.357dB-32dB-31dB-27.1dB-26.18dB, -26.412dB-26.080dB, -26.781dB-26dB-25dB
-18.69dBic, -15.8dBic, -13.07dBic, -5.54dBic, -5.54dBic, -7.26dBic-12.3dBi-12dBi-10.5dBi-10.2dBi-10dBic-9.8dBi-9dBi-8.9dBi-8.85dBi, -10.97dBi-8.7dBi-8.2dBi
Power - Max
24.3 mW500 mW0.5 W1 W2 W3 W3.5 W4 W5 W5.35 W6 W7 W
-Cable - 1.016mCable - 1.2192mCable - 1.22mCable - 1.2mCable - 1.2m, LNACable - 1.37mCable - 1.37mmCable - 1.3mmCable - 1.473mCable - 1.4m, LNA, FilterCable - 1.524m
1.85mm Female2.4mm Female2.92mm Female2.92mm Male4.3/10 - Female4.3/10 - Female (2)4.3/10 - Female (4)4.3/10-DIN Female5/16-24 THDS Female7/16 - Female7/16 - Female (2)7/16 - Female (4)
Ingress Protection
-IK09, IP67, IP69KIP20IP21IP23IP30IP33IP40IP41IP42IP50IP51
Mounting Type
-AdhesiveAdhesive, BracketAdhesive, Chassis MountAdhesive, GlassAdhesive, Hook and LoopAdhesive, MagneticAdhesive, Magnetic, ScrewAdhesive, Panel MountAdhesive, ScrewAdhesive, Through HoleBase Mount
Height (Max)
0.003" (0.08mm)0.004" (0.10mm)0.005" (0.12mm)0.005" (0.13mm)0.006" (0.14mm)0.006" (0.15mm)0.006" (0.16mm)0.007" (0.19mm)0.008" (0.20mm)0.009" (0.24mm)0.010" (0.20mm)0.010" (0.25mm)
802.11p802.11p, CDMA, GLONASS, GPS, LTE, W-CDMA802.11p, GLONASS, GPS, TETRA802.11n, Bluetooth, ISM, Wi-Fi802.11n, Cellular802.11n, ISM, UNII, WiMax, WLAN802.11n, ISM, WiMax™802.11n, UNII, WiMax802.11n, Wi-Fi802.11n, WiMax™, WLAN802.11n/ac, Wi-Fi802.11n/ac/ax, Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IOT, Wi-Fi, WLAN, Sigfox, Zigbee™
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