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Image of ams Osram's Premium 2835 Portfolio
Premium 2835 Portfolio LED Lighting

ams OSRAM's 2835 LED platform features the lifetime, robustness, performance, and reliability comparable to the 3030 series with system-level cost advantages.

Image of u-blox's NORA-W2 Module
NORA-W2 Module

u-blox's NORA-W2 module features a small footprint and multiple antenna options.

Image of Yageo 01005 Miniature MLCCs
01005 Miniature MLCCs

YAGEO's 01005 miniature MLCCs are ideal components for devices with space limitations.

Image of Klein Tools' 27-in-1 Multi-Bit Precision Screwdrivers
27-in-1 Multi-Bit Precision Screwdrivers

Klein Tools’ multi-bit precision screwdrivers offer an integrated 3.5 mm nut driver with 26 specialty bits conveniently stored in the handle.

Image of Weidmuller's HB Series Mini Circuit Breakers
HB Series Mini Circuit Breakers

Weidmuller's HB series mini circuit breakers offer modularity, ease of use, and space savings well beyond that of conventional circuit breakers.

Image of Murata's Type 1SJ Integrated LoRaWAN Module
Type 1SJ Integrated LoRaWAN Module

Murata's type 1SJ integrated LoRaWAN module allows for simple RF design with only an antenna attachment.

Image of Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Capacitor Kits
CDE Capacitor Kits

Cornell Dubilier’s CDE capacitor kits include supercapacitors, aluminum electrolytic, mica, and film options that assist with board level designs.

Image of EPCOS' PhaseCap Energy Plus PFC Capacitors
PhaseCap® Energy Plus PFC Capacitors

TDK's PhaseCap® energy plus PFC capacitors have significantly improved performance and have biodegradable resin.

Image of EPC's EPC9171 Reference Design Board
EPC9171 Reference Design Board

EPC's EPC9171 reference design board is a universal AC input voltage range and frequency isolated power supply designed for USB PD3.1 systems.

Image of Siretta Ltd's QUARTZ-GOLD Router

Siretta's QUARTZ-GOLD high-speed dual-port gigabit Ethernet industrial router is designed for transferring large amounts of data via the LTE cellular network.

Image of E-T-A's XR38 and X3120 Series Circuit Protection Power Entry Modules
XR38/X3120 Series Circuit Protection Power Entry Modules

E-T-A’s XR38 and X3120 series power entry modules are equipped with resettable circuit breakers, making them more efficient than standard connector modules.

Image of Texas Instruments' TXU0101 Single-Channel Fixed-Direction Level Shifter
TXU0101 Single-Channel Fixed-Direction Level Shifter

Texas Instruments' TXU0101 fixed-direction voltage-level translator is designed for interfacing devices or systems operating at different interface voltages.

Image of Texas Instruments' LMK1D2106/8 Dual Bank LVDS Buffer
LMK1D2106/8 Dual Bank 6-/8-Channel LVDS Buffers

Texas Instruments' LMK1D2106/8 dual bank LVDS buffers are designed for applications that require high-performance clock distribution.

Image of Siretta's SL500 Intelligent Modem Starter Kit
SL500 Intelligent Modem Starter Kits

Siretta's SL500 intelligent modem starter kits provide all the accessories needed to get the SL500 low-power industrial cellular IoT modem up and running.

Image of Mill-Max Omniball® Spring Loaded Connectors
Omniball® Spring-Loaded Connectors

Mill-Max’s Omniball spring-loaded pins are designed for sliding and rotational connections and are available in single- and double-row connectors.