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Image of TRACO Power's TSR 1.5E Switching Regulator
TSR 1.5E Switching Regulator

TRACO Power's TSR 1.5E 1.5 A high-efficiency switching regulator is a drop-in replacement with a wide input range.

Image of KEMET's QDA Series Line Sensor Arrays
QDA Series Line Sensor Arrays

KEMET's QDA linear arrays utilize unique thin-film pyroelectric PZT material to offer outstanding resolution and performance across a wide IR wavelength range.

Image of KEMET's QDC Series Analog Sensors
QDC Series Analog Sensors

KEMET's QDC thin film pyroelectric food sensors can be reduced in physical size and still provide high sensitivity with fast frequency operation.

Image of ON Semiconductor's STR-CURRENT-SENSE-GEVB Evaluation Board

ON Semiconductor's STR-CURRENT-SENSE-GEVB provides an easy-to-use evaluation kit suitable for use with a wide range of current sense amplifiers.

Image of Molex's SMP Subminiature RF Connectors
SMPM and SMP RF Connectors

Molex's SMP subminiature connectors offer excellent performance from DC to 40 GHz.

Image of SL Power's SLB65 Series Power Supply
SLB65 Series - Medical/Industrial Internal 2" x 3" Power Supply

The SLB65 from SL Power is an AC to DC internal power supply family designed for next-generation medical and industrial applications.

Image of Kester's NP510-LT HRL1 Solder Paste
NP510-LT HRL1 Solder Paste

Kester's NP510-LT HRL1 no-clean, lead-free, zero-halogen solder paste can be used for assemblies with temperature-sensitive substrates and components.

Image of CUI's PBO Series AC/DC Power Supplies
PBO Series AC/DC Power Supplies

CUI’s PBO series provides power in the most space-constrained applications while retaining efficiency.

Image of Amphenol SV Microwave's Conformable RF Cable Assemblies
Conformable RF Cable Assemblies

Amphenol SV Microwave’s conformable RF cable assemblies can be easily formed by hand to fit almost any application with no signal degradation.

Image of Tagore's TA9310E 20 W RF GaN Transistor
TA9310E 20 W RF GaN Transistor

Tagore's TA9310E is a broadband 20 W GaN transistor capable of operating up to 4 GHz and can be operated below 500 MHz with reduced power.

Image of Palmsens' EmStat Pico Module
EmStat Pico - Miniaturized, Calibrated and Embeddable Potentiostat Module

PalmSens' EmStat Pico module enables users to perform electrochemical measurements using an electrochemical sensor without having programming skills.

Image of Radiocrafts' RC17xxHP-MBUS4 RF Modules
RC17xxHP-MBUS4 RF Modules

Radiocrafts' RC17xxHP-MBUS4 RF modules contain a controller with embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol software supporting the EN13757-4:2018 Mode N (169 MHz).

Image of Amphenol FCI's Metral® Cable Connectors
Metral® Cable Connectors

Amphenol's Metral® cable connector is designed in accordance with IEC 61076-4-104 and Telcordia GR-1217-CORE to meet board-to-cable interface requirements.

Image of Bourns' SV Series Special Medium Voltage Varistors
SV Series Special Medium Voltage Varistors

Bourns’ SV series special medium voltage epoxy coated square or rectangular shaped varistors have an AC operating voltage range from 60 V to 550 V.

Image of Bourns' Gigabit Ethernet Chip LAN Transformers
Gigabit Ethernet Chip LAN Transformers

Bourns' SM353230-181N7Y, SM453230-121N7Y, and SM453230-181N7Y Gigabit Ethernet chip LAN transformers are IEEE 802.3 Ethernet compatible.