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- Signal Transformer manufactures transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. A revolutionary idea brought to fruition by the founders of Signal Transformer standardized the power conversion industry. Before this revolution, even the most simplistic transformer components were procured through complex channels. By offering a multitude of readily available design platforms that could be selected from a catalog and ordered with one phone call, Signal forever transformed the world. Related product brands include: Bel, Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.


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Image of Signal Transformer's Flathead™ Low Profile Power Transformers

Flathead™ Low Profile Power Transformers

Signal Transformer's LP transformers use a hum-bucking (semi-toroidal) construction that minimizes radiated magnetic fields. These transformers are ideal for low-height PC board applications.Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's SCRH127 Series SMT Shielded Power Inductors

SCRH127 Series Power Inductors

Signal Transformer's SCRH 127 series of inductors has a flat top design with a powerful magnetic shield, providing EMI protection in filtering applications. Learn More

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PC Mount Miniature Low-Power Transformers - PC/DPC Series

Signal Transformer's circuit mount power transformers have a wide operating frequency range of 50 Hz and 500 Hz without degradation of the output voltage. Learn More

Multi-Purpose High-Efficiency International Transformers – MPI Series

Signal Transformer's MPI transformers for improved performance over conventional 50 Hz/60 Hz transformers based on their design. Learn More

Inductor Design Kits

Signal Transformer Multipurpose, SMD, and HCTI design kits provide a variety of inductors to designers of DC/DC converter processing equipment. Learn More

Isolation More-4-Less™ International Transformers - M4L Series

Signal Transformer's More-4-Less™ M4L series international transformers provide more than 12 mm creepage distance between primary and secondary windings. Learn More

Split/Tran™ Class 2 Split Bobbin Transformers - ST/DST Series

Signal Transformer's Split/Tran™ transformers provide superior isolation and low capacitive coupling and are built to meet Class 2 safety circuit standards. Learn More

Split Bobbin Two-4-One™ Power Transformers

Signal Transformer's Two-4-One™ power transformers use split bobbin construction which provides superior isolation and low capacitive coupling. Learn More

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Image of Signal Transformer's SMD Power Inductors

SMD Inductors At-A-Glance

Provides overview of Signal Inductor Portfolio. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Linear Transformers

Linear Transformer At-A-Glance

Provides overview of Signal Linear Transformer Portfolio. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Agency Certification

Agency Certification

Safety Agency certification capabilities. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Transformer Basics

Transformer Basics

Basic information about transformers, including terms, bobbin types, temperature ratings, laminate construction, and more. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Transformer Basics AN05-10ST

Isolation Transformers Increase Safety

Isolation Transformer use as an effective means of meeting safety requirement. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Caging Transformer

Caging Transformer: EMI Still An Important Design Issue

EMI getting to be more of a concern even for transformers, location and placement recommendations. Learn More

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Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting Publish Date: 2018-10-10

An introduction to Signal's line of SMD Inductors for Lighting, including an overview of applications and markets, as well as safety and technology features incorporated into the series.

Duration: 5 minutes
EcoTran Standard Series Transformers Publish Date: 2018-07-10

This presentation will provide an introduction to Signal's line of EcoTran Standard Series Transformers.

Duration: 10 minutes
High Current Toroidal Inductor Line Publish Date: 2017-07-20

The presentation highlights the features and benefits of the HCTI series and provides an overview of where and how the parts are used.

Duration: 5 minutes
Dual Winding Inductors in SEPIC Converters Publish Date: 2014-01-09

View the basic SEPIC converter circuitry with the various available Signal Transformer Dual Winding Inductor series.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Signal Transformer Ecotran Series – Safety Isolation Transformers

The Ecotran series can be used for consumer, automotive, lighting, HVAC and many other applications. Learn about the highly efficient, UL listed series from Signal Transformer, a division of Bel Fuse Corporation.

Signal Transformer High Current Toroidal Inductors (HCTI)

: Learn about the vertical PCB mounted HCTI series. Features include, low magnetic radiation for self-shielding, lower temperature rise with high current density, and higher efficiency through reduced core loss.

Signal Transformer High Current Toroidal Inductors–HCTI Series

Learn about Signal Transformer’s high current toroidal inductor HCTI series. These inductors offer a wide range of inductance and current ratings and have distributed air gap for high energy storage.

Signal Transformer Company Overview

An overview of Signal Transformer products and what they can do for the customer, big or small.

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