Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Solving the Challenges of High Power LED Designs with 48 Volts

What if you could reduce power, increase LED longevity and brightness, and decrease cost?

See the difference in your LED displays when you use Vicor Cool-Power ZVS buck and buck-boost regulators. They deliver higher power and higher efficiency with a lower profile for your outdoor LED displays at 12, 24, or 48 volt.

Lighting Resources

Limits of LED Power

Power Delivery Form Factor Lumen Quality Cost

Power Delivery

  • More LEDs
  • More LED panel
  • Brighter LEDs
  • Available Power

Form Factor

  • Thinner panels
  • Structural limitations
  • Weight restrictions
  • Unique shapes and sizes

Lumen Quality

  • Discoloration
  • Life-span
  • Lumen output


  • Operating expense
  • Design time
  • Reliability

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Power Delivery

Flexible Power Designs Eliminate Multiple Converter Stages

  Multiple front-end
devices for AC
or any DC voltage
Cool-Power ZVS Buck & Buck-Boost
devices convert from up to
60 V direct to the LED loads
LEDs/LED drivers
Power Delivery Diagram

PFM: Isolated AC-DC Converter with PFC
BCM: LV & HV Bus Converters
DCM: DC-DC Converter Module
Cool-Power: ZVS Buck and Buck-Boost Regulators


Converter Engines

Unique ZVS/ZCS
converter engines enable
high performance

Design Tools

Online design tools
for quick LED solutions


Seamless integration with
high-voltage distribution/
micro-grid designs

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Form Factor

High Density Packaging Enables Creative Designs



Area and Weight


Lighting Solution Example

Lighting Solution Example Diagram

  • High Density Packaging
  • 1.2 kW Bus Converter in 1,450 mm2
  • 10 A Buck Regulators in 140 mm2
  • Total area of the five components
    shown = 2,010 mm2



3D packaging enables 
high density designs


Integrated modules enable 
flexible placement options 
in your design

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Lumen Quality

High Efficiency Drives Lower Thermals Which Improves Lumen Quality

Heat from the power supply converter can cause LEDs to:

Lighting Solution Example

Lighting Solution Example Diagram

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High Efficiency: up to 97% efficiency per
conversion stage enables total system
efficiency greater than 91%





Vicor's high efficiency converters generate less heat, enabling LEDs to:

Have Longer Operating Life

Get Better Lumen Quality

Have Reliable Output

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using the PCDM and our supporting tools.

by switching from 12 V to 48 V distribution.

by using higher integrated modules.

when your system runs more efficiently and you save energy.

by using fewer, more flexible modular components.

LED Module

and GAIN

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Meeting the increasing LED Lighting demands with 12 Volts to 48 Volts

Vicor Cool-Power ZVS buck and buck-boost deliver higher power, higher efficiency, and low profile for powering bright outdoor and fine pitch indoor panels and displays. Cool-Power regulators are capable of supporting existing 12 and 24 Volt power distribution architectures, while newer 48 Volt input regulators have enabled new cutting-edge designs to combine the benefits of high power density and efficiency with the benefits of lower distribution losses and reduction of conversion stages. New 48 Volt devices enable direct point-of-load conversion from 48 Volt to LED/LED Driver voltages down to 2.2 V at up to 96% efficiency with power levels up to 22 A in a compact 10 x 14 x 2.5 mm package. Cool-Power regulators are used in a broad range of LED panels and displays, everything from small front-of-bus destination panels, to large indoor commercial displays, to very large side-of-building multi-kilowatt architectural displays.

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Lighting Solution Products

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityView Details
PI3542-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 2.5VPI3542-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 2.5VTray0PI3542-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3543-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VPI3543-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VTray0PI3543-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3545-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5VPI3545-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 5VTray132 - Immediate
PI3545-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3546-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12VPI3546-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 12VTray108 - Immediate
PI3546-00-LGIZ product page link
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 100WPI3525-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 5V 100WTray375 - Immediate
PI3525-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3740-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 10-50VPI3740-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 10-50VTray9737 - Immediate
PI3740-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3741-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 21-36VPI3741-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 21-36VTray725 - Immediate
PI3741-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3741-01-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 36-54VPI3741-01-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 36-54VTray257 - Immediate
PI3741-01-LGIZ product page link
PI3523-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VPI3523-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 3.3VActive52 - Immediate
PI3523-00-LGIZ product page link
PI3526-00-LGIZ datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 18API3526-00-LGIZDC DC CONVERTER 12V 18AActive993 - Immediate
PI3526-00-LGIZ product page link