TPS61150EVM-150: 15mA x2 @ 17.4V Max, 2.5 ~ 6V in


The Texas Instruments TPS61150EVM-150 evaluation module contains the TPS61150 IC. This EVM provides two independently regulated current outputs using a single inductor step-up (boost) converter.

One output drives two parallel strings of WLEDs. One string can be configured for two or four series WLEDs. The other string has four series WLEDs. The goal of these EVMs is to facilitate evaluation of the TPS61150 or TPS61150A IC in a typical WLED application.

To aid user customization of the EVM, the board was designed with devices having 0603 or larger footprints. A real implementation would likely occupy less total board space.

Changing components can improve or degrade EVM performance. For example, using inductors with larger dc resistances lowers efficiency of the solution.

The TPS61151 IC has the same pin out as the TPS61150. Therefore, it can be installed and evaluated on this EVM board.


Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category Lighting
Sub-Category LED Drivers - DC In
Eval Board -
Voltage In 3 ~ 6 V
Topology Step Up
Current Out 15 mA
Voltage Out (Max) 17.4 V
Outputs and Type 2 Non-Isolated
Efficiency @ Conditions >83%, 3.6V in, 2x 4 LEDs @ 15 mA
>80%, 3.6V in, 4 LEDs @ 15 mA
Features Dimming Control
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Soft Start
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Switching Frequency 1.2 MHz
Component Count + Extras 9 + 11
Design Author Texas Instruments
Application / Target Market Cellular Phone
Digital Cameras
Portable Devices
USB Powered Devices
Main I.C. Base Part TPS61150
Date Created By Author 2006-11
Date Added To Library 2012-05

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