- Wakefield Engineering 成立于 1957 年,专为各种各样的商业、工业和军用市场领域设计高效可靠、价格实惠的热管理解决方案。 Wakefield Engineering 被认为是全球领导者,在与市场同时成长的同时,将触角伸向其它方面,以响应技术进步并预测行业需求。 Wakefield Engineering 是 Alpha Technologies Group, Inc. 的全资子公司.

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Wakefield 的 180 系列液体冷却板


无论是由于导热还是基底面要求,Wakefield 的液体冷却都是超越风冷的自然发展产物,因为用风冷方式实现所需的性能时不再有任何成本优势。了解详情

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Alves U 型接头系列

Wakefield-Vette 的 Alves U 型接头系列分体式设计提供了一个主动润滑油箱,使用寿命长,磨损低。 了解详情

960 系列塑料推针式散热器

Wakefield-Vette 的 960 系列推针式散热器具有塑料推针,可与应用的 PCB 孔啮合。 了解详情


Wakefield-Vette 的 RAPID CPU 冷却器是用于从系统的 CPU 和机箱中的其他组件吸收热量的设备。 了解详情

ulTIMiFlux™ 高性能热固化可涂布凝胶

Wakefield-Vette ulTIMiFlux™ 完全固化的可涂布凝胶无需混合或固化,可提供卓越的设计灵活性。 了解详情

TEC 系列帕耳贴热电冷却器

Wakefield-Vette 的珀耳帖热电冷却器可以满足更高电流和大型冷却的要求。 了解详情


Wakefield-Vette 的 HPLC-RM 系列是一种可安装在 19 英寸机架中的无制冷剂温控装置。 了解详情

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Recirculating Chiller Overview Basics and Design Guide 发布日期:2019-04-16

This presentation will outline the ways these recirculating chillers work and how to understand their performance for a given particular application.

Duration: 5 minutes
Thermoelectric Device and Assemblies Overview 发布日期:2019-04-15

An introduction to Wakefield-Vette's thermoelecric devices and the differences between the various types.

Duration: 5 minutes
Utilizing Vapor Chambers, A Practical Guide to Design 发布日期:2017-12-26

An introduction on utilizing and designing with Wakefield-Vette vapor chambers, as well as a comparison of vapor chambers to heat pipes

Duration: 5 minutes
Heat Pipe Overview 发布日期:2017-06-08

This presentation will discuss the what is a heat pipe, the types of heat pipes, and heat pipe assemblies.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Wakefield Solutions Aluminum Extrusion Press

Since its days as National Northeast, Wakefield Solutions has been one of the leading aluminum extruders and secondary machining since 1953! With two extrusions presses and over 110 Machining Centers!

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks: Wakefield-Vette

Bonded fins are a good high power solution for either natural or forced convection. Individual straight fins are cut and bonded into a grooved base plate.

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Aluminum Extrusion Press, Watch Wakefield Solutions Aluminum Being Extruded

After the aluminum billet is heated it is then pushed through a die in which shape of the extrusion is intended for.