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Diodes Incorporated

Image of Diodes' AP6535x/45x DC/DC Buck Converter

AP6535x/AP6545x DC-DC 降压转换器

Diodes 的 AP65352/3 和 AP65453/4 是自适应恒定导通时间 (aCOT) 模式同步降压转换器。

Image of Diodes' AP7380 LDO

AP7380 低压差稳压器

Diodes AP7380 低压差稳压器的宽输入电压范围微功耗 150 mA 扩展了工作寿命。

Image of Diodes' BCR40xU LED Drivers

BCR40xU LED 驱动器

Diodes 的 BCR40xU 恒流调节器提供了一种简单的方法来驱动商业和工业照明领域中的低电流 LED 灯条和面板。



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近期 PTM

5 minutes
How to Select an Appropriate LDO
Diodes' wide variety of low dropout regulators spans a large variety of input voltages, load currents, and package types.
5 minutes
How to Select an Appropriate Gate Driver
This PTM will be covering three main areas that include; Selection and Design-in Criteria, Key External Component Selection, and Optimal Layout Considerations.
5 minutes
Timing Solutions
Diodes Incorporated has a full portfolio of frequency control products.
10 minutes
USB Switch
Pericom offers a broad portfolio of USB switches specifically designed to enable a range of applications to achieve single port connectivity.
10 minutes
PCIe and USB3 ReDriver/Repeater
ReDrivers can allow use of thinner/smaller gauge cables, since the signals are actively boosted prior to the cable connector.
5 minutes
PCIe UART Solutions
The industry's most integrated and highest performing PCIe URAT endpoint solution, provide an upward migration path while reducing board space and BOM costs.

关于 Diodes Incorporated

在广阔的分立、逻辑和模拟和混合信号半导体市场中,Diodes Incorporated 是全球领先的制造商和供应商,提供高品质特定应用型标准产品。2015 年 11 月,Pericom Semiconductor 成为 Diodes Incorporated 的一部分,通过串行高速开关、信号完整性、连接性和定时解决方案增强了其产品组合。