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Image of onsemi's Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

onsemi offers years of experience in innovative technologies and highly reliable next-gen power semiconductors, including SiC MOSFETs, Diodes & more for a variety of power applications.

Image of ON Semiconductor Strata Developer Studio Spotlight

Strata 开发软件

Strata Developer Studio 是一个云连接型开发平台,为工程师们提供了一个无缝、个性化的安全环境,便于他们使用 ON Semiconductor technologies 进行评估和设计。

Image of onsemi's Wide Bandgap

Wide Bandgap

onsemi offers a robust range of highly efficient & intelligent power components providing a full WBG ecosystem, including a variety of SiC devices to choose from. Find the best fit for your application at Digi-Key today!



无刷直流电机控制 | Datasheet Preview
Brushless DC Motor Control | Datasheet Preview
安森美 USB-C 解决方案 | Datasheet Preview
USB-C Solutions | Datasheet Preview

近期 PTM

10 minutes
EEPROM Overview and Applications
Largest markets for EEPROM is the wireless and portable market, other application areas include the healthcare, medical, and automotive markets.
10 minutes
SRAM Overview and Applications
SRAM has a high voltage compatibility, and very low operating and standby power
15 minutes
Flash Overview and Applications
Flash memory is non-volatile, offering a read access time as fast as dynamic RAM.
5 minutes
Clock and Distribution Products-Part 1
Technical concepts required to understand, identify, and recommending a timing solution.
20 minutes
Clock and Distribution Products-Part 2
Highlight of the different types of clocks that complete the onsemi portfolio.
15 minutes
General Purpose Motor Drivers in 3-15 Volt Range
Discuss in detail motor driver controlling, how to properly select parts for each motor driver, and common applications where motor drivers are used.

关于 onsemi

onsemi 推动能效创新,帮助客户减少总体能源使用。公司提供类型全面的产品组合,具体包括高能效电源和信号管理、逻辑、分立和定制解决方案,能帮助设计工程师解决在汽车、通信、计算、消费电子、工业、LED 照明、医疗、军事/航空航天和电源应用方面的独特设计难题。onsemi 拥有全球一流、响应迅速的可靠供应链和质量程序,在北美、欧洲和亚太地区的主要市场中运营着包括制造工厂、销售办事处及设计中心在内的网络。