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- 70 多年来,无数消费类、商业和工业设备依赖 Triad Magnetics 的创新型磁性元件技术。我们提供的解决方案用于电源转换、滤波、隔离等领域。我们的产品包括用于音频、栅极驱动、电源、医疗/牙科、壁装式和插入式应用的变压器以及用于电流检测、共模、环形、滤波和电源应用的电感器。

今天,您会在先进的计算机、电信系统、自动化控制、音频设备和其它设备中发现各种各样的 Triad 磁性元件。Lewis W.Howard 于上个世纪四十年代在加利福尼亚州威尼斯创立了 Triad。他毕业于加州大学伯克利分校,是 Wescon 展会的共同创始人,并被授予 IEEE 终身会员。

VPP 系列电源变压器

Triad 的 VPM 系列电源变压器

Triad 推出其医用级电源变压器,拥有 4 KV 隔离和低电压降压能力,产品和系统应用均适用。了解详情

WSU 系列电源

Triad Magnetics 的 WSU 系列电源图片

Triad Magnetics 的 WSU 系列是一种小尺寸开关电源,能限制功率损耗,实现高能效并具有过电压和短路保护功能。了解详情

CMF 系列双模扼流圈

Triad Magnetics 的 CMF 系列共模扼流圈图片

Triad Magnetics 的 CMF 系列双模扼流圈旨在抑制来自开关模式电源和其他来源的共模和差模噪声。了解详情

Featured Products

Image of Triad Magnetics' VPT Series

VPT Series Transformers

Triad toroidal chassis mount World Series transformers from Triad Magnetics are designed to meet most international safety agencies. Learn More

Image of Triad Magnetics' VPP Series Power Transformer

VPP Series Transformers

Dual bobbin constructed transformers from Triad Magnetics reduce capacitance, eliminating the need for electrostatic shielding. Learn More

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CST25 系列电流互感器

Triad Magnetics 电流互感器采用完全密封封装,能够在初级和次级绕组之间实现 4,000 VAC 的高隔离度。 了解详情

CSE18xL 电流互感器

Triad Magnetics 的 CSE18xL 低频电流互感器用于监视 50 Hz 至 400 Hz 下 0.1 A 至 30 A 的电流。 了解详情

JSU 系列电源接线盒

Triad Magnetics UL 认可的 JSU 系列电源电源接线盒具有出色的性能,并采用两种广受欢迎的配置:12 VDC/1.5 A 或 24 VDC/0.75 A。 了解详情

CMF 系列双模扼流圈

Triad Magnetics 的 CMF 系列双模扼流圈旨在抑制来自开关模式电源和其他来源的共模和差模噪声。 了解详情

Split Pack™ 系列电源变压器

来自 Triad Magnetics 的 Split Pack 系列是单初级和双次级、分离式绕线筒设计,使用 115 V 输入电压工作。 了解详情

WAU 系列壁插式 AC 电源

来自 Triad 的 WAU 系列壁插式 AC 电源可能是业内首款满足 VI 级能效要求的 AC EPS。 了解详情

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Dual-Function Chokes Address Differential-, Common-Mode Noise in a Single Compact Component

The CMF Series provides exceptional common-mode suppression and exceptional stray inductance to suppress differential-mode noise. In effect, the CMF Series combines the features of two separate components into one.

Triad JSU Series Power Supply

The JSU Series Power Supply Junction Box is ideal for hardwiring essential stationary equipment or devices, eliminating the potential for the accidental disconnection of bulky wall plug-in power supplies with their sometimes stringy, tangled cords.

Triad Magnetics MD Series Isolated AC Power Source

Medical machinery equipped with Triad Magnetics’ Medical Grade Isolation power transformers are the ideal solution. Medical Grade Isolation power transformers from Triad offer a number of benefits over transformers from other manufacturers.

VPT Series of Toroidal Power Transformers

Triad Magnetics’ Chassis Mount World Series™ Toroidal power transformers are compact transformers that are both cost effective and highly efficient.

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Triad's current sense transformers cover a wide frequency range and offer many turns ratios.

Duration: 5 minutes
JSU Series Line of Switchmode Power Supplies Designed for Permanent Installations Publish Date: 2018-04-16

The innovative electrical and mechanical design of the JSU series coupled with UL’s recognized safety mark makes it ideal for an array of applications

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CMF Series of Dual Mode Chokes Publish Date: 2018-01-26

This presentation will discuss the problems, solving the problems, and the applications for the CMF series of dual mode chokes.

Duration: 5 minutes
VPM Medical Series Transformers Publish Date: 2017-07-19

This tutorial will provide an overview of Triad’s VPM series of medical transformers

Duration: 10 minutes