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Image of KEMET Solutions for Energy Infrastructure


ON Semiconductor 和 KEMET 提供全面的节能解决方案组合,在此能源基础设施演进中着重于可再生和清洁能源。

Image of KEMET's Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


KEMET 的汽车铝电解电容器抗振动、使用寿命长。

Image of KEMET's C4AQ-M Series

C4AQ-M 系列电容器

KEMET 的 C4AQ-M 电容器通过汽车级认证,用于直流滤波和能量存储的电源转换器电路。



KEMET Temperature Sensor
KEMET Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator
KEMET KONNEKT Ceramic Capacitors
KEMET Webinar – ESD (Electrostatic discharge)

近期 PTM

10 minutes
Comparing Tantalum Polymer and MnO2 Capacitors
This presentation will compare the designs and characteristics of Tantalum Pentoxide and MnO2 capacitors available from KEMET.
10 minutes
Ceramic Capacitor Basics Part 1
This presentation will provide a basic overview of ceramic capacitor MLCCs from KEMET.
5 minutes
Electrification of Vehicles
This presentation will provide an overview of Automotive Electronics and the market they are used in. It will explore the Technology of Powertrain Electronics, Wireless Power Transfer, and the solutions KEMET has available to fulfill those needs.
5 minutes
Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
KEMET's pyroelectric infrared sensors are able to detect the natural infrared signature produced by humans without using lenses.
10 minutes
Power Supply Design
KEMET offers an extended portfolio of common mode, differential mode, and dual mode chokes, as well as input and output capacitors for power supplies.
5 minutes
Ceramic Safety Certified Capacitors
This tutorial will provide a basic overview of safety certified capacitors offered by KEMET, as well as testing requirements and general application information.


KEMET Corporation 是全球领先的电子元件供应商。我们为客户提供业界最广泛的电容器技术选择,我们的产品覆盖所有电介质并扩展到机电设备、电磁兼容性解决方案和超级电容器范围。我们的愿景是,成为满足客户最高标准质量、交付和服务需要的首选电子元件解决方案供应商。