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- Klein Tools 是一家值得信赖的工具生产厂家。他们只专注使制作手工工具,能够满足每天使用它们的专业人员的严格要求。Klein Tools 采用出色的工艺,使用最优质的材料,并尽可能在离家近的地方制造。他们的手工工具始终值得信赖,具有出色完成工作所需的所有性能、耐用性和精度。


Illumination Lights

Image of Klein Tools Illumination Lights

Klein Tools flashlight with work light is both a bright, focused flashlight and a broadcasting flood light in a small package. Learn More

Multi-Nut Drivers

Image of Klein Tools' Multi-nut drivers

Klein Tools' multi-nut drivers offer the convenience of multiple sizes of hex nut drivers in one tool to ensure you always have the size you need, when you need it most. Learn More

Specialty Measurement Meters

Image of Klien Tools Digital Pocket Thermometer, Carbon Monoxide Meter, and Digital Light Meter

Klein Tools features their easy-to-use digital pocket thermometer, carbon monoxide meter, and digital auto-ranging light meter. It's the perfect choice for HVAC professionals. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Klein Tools' Cable Skinning Knife

Cable Skinning Knife

Klein Tools’ cable skinning knife offers the time saving benefit of a replaceable blade. After a long session of cable skinning the blade can just be replaced with the exclusively designed cable skinning knife blade. Learn More

Image of Klein Tools' Slide Drive™, Tip-Ident® drivers

Slide Drive™, Tip-Ident® Drivers

Klein Tools' Slide Drive, Tip-Ident drivers with a unique, patented tip that slides back and forth from 1/4” to 5/16” and comes in a variety of lengths. Learn More

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Rechargeable Batteries (Power Banks)

The Klein Tools KTB1 and KTB2 are high capacity lithium-ion powered portable batteries designed to charge mobile devices. 了解详情

柔性钳形表用于测量交流电流 (AC)

Klein Tools 的 AC 量表采用 18" 柔性弹簧夹,可方便地在面板和其他难以到达的地方使用。 了解详情


Klein Tool 的耐用型长嘴剥线器/压接器旨在用于夹、拉、弯曲即使最小的电线。 了解详情

可伸缩磁性 LED 拾取工具

Klein Tools 可伸缩磁性 LED 拾取工具让人们能够捡起掉落到难以触及甚至是黑暗区域的任何磁性工具或部件。 了解详情


Klein Tools 的数字钳形表具有低阻抗 (LoZ) 模式,用于标识和消除寄生或杂散电压。 了解详情

Coax Explorer® 2 测试仪

Klein Tools Coax Explorer 2 验证 F 连接器同轴电缆的连续性,并映射其位置。 了解详情

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Tradesman Pro™ Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag

The rugged Tradesman Pro™ Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag from Klein Tools will easily roll over tough terrain with 8-Inch (203.2 mm) wheels, high clearance, and a heavy-duty telescoping handle.

High Voltage Non-Contact Testers

The features of the Klein Tools High Voltage Non-Contact Testers

Klein Tools Wi-Fi Borescope

The Klein Tools’ ET20 Borescope can be quickly connected to your smartphone via the built-in WiFi signal, turning the phone in your pocket into a smart tool.

Klein Tools’ Pocket Drivers

Klein Tools offers two new screwdrivers designed for your pocket.