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Johanson Dielectrics, Inc.

- Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. 拥有 30 多年向全球客户供应优质陶瓷片式电容器的行业经验。 我们的经营理念很简单:通过完全满足客户对高品质和技术先进的陶瓷电子元件的需求,获得持续增长和盈利。


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Image of Johanson's X2Y Ceramic Capacitors

X2Y® 陶瓷电容器

Johanson 的 X2Y 滤波电容器不受温度、电压和老化性能差异影响。

Image of Johanson Dielectrics' SC Series Safety Certified Capacitors

通过安全认证的 SC 系列电容器

交流线路 EMI 滤波和电压浪涌应用,如网络基础设施、电源管理、电信和办公设备。


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Safety Certified Capacitors

Introduction to Safety Certified Capacitors

Duration: 5 minutes

Designed for surge and impulse protection, safety certified capacitors shunt impulse energy to ground and protect the circuit and user from high voltage surges.

AC Voltage PCB Design

High Voltage PCB Design for Arc Prevention

Duration: 10 minutes

PCB layout recommendations given to improve the arching performance of mounted high voltage ceramic capacitors and discuss results from PCB design tests.

Balance by Design in Capacitors

Introduction to X2Y® Capacitors

Duration: 5 minutes

Yields low inductance and tight balance despite its simple structure. Versatile and suitable for decoupling, bypassing, and EMI filtering applications.

MLCC Basics

MLCC Basics

Duration: 10 minutes

The manufacturing process, materials systems, basic specifications of ceramic capacitors, and characteristics of ceramic chip capacitors are explained.