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Eaton-Electronics Division

- Eaton-Electronics Division is a diversified global manufacturer of circuit and overvoltage protection products as well as power management magnetics and supercapacitors. Through innovative technology and custom-engineered designs, Eaton provides unique solutions for today’s market-driven requirements. With the acquisition of Cooper Industries by Eaton, Cooper Bussmann Electronics is now called Eaton-Electronics Division. Related product brands include: Eaton and Eaton-Bussmann Electrical Division.


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Eaton 选型工具旨在加快单个汽车系统和要求的元器件选择。了解详情

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Image of Eaton Fuse Holders, Clips, and Accessories Kit


Eaton 的保险丝配件套件涵盖了将管状保险丝安装在印刷电路板上的所有配件。

Image of Eaton's Flat-Pac FP1208 Series High Current Power Inductors

Flat-pac FP1208 系列高电流功率电感器

FP1208 系列具有最高达 125°C 的总工作温度。

Image of Eaton's MPI2520 Series Low Profile 2.7 x 2.2 mm Power Inductors

MPI2520 系列 2.7 x 2.2 mm 扁平功率电感器

Eaton 的微型功率电感器采用 2.7 mm x 2.2 mm 基底面,具有可媲美 MPI4040 系列的电感范围。

Image of Eaton's FP1007R6 Flat-Pac™ Series High Power Inductors

FP1007R6 Flat-Pac Series High Power Inductors

The Eaton Coiltronics FP1007R6 (Flat-Pac) series of high frequency inductors comes in a wide current range and DCR (DC Resistance) tolerance options.

Image of Eaton's MPI4040 Series SMD Miniature Power Inductors

MPI4040 系列 SMD 微型功率电感器

Eaton 的 MPI4040 系列高频、高电流微型功率电感器的频率范围为 20 kHz 至 10 MHz。

Image of Eaton's CC12H Series 1206 SMD Chip™ Fuse

CC12H Series 1206 SMD FAST Chip Fuse - Expanded

The Eaton CC12H series provides good inrush withstand performance coupled with the cycling advantages of a ceramic solid matrix construction.



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深入了解 Eaton 的产品数据库,为您的应用找到合适的零件。了解详情

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查找竞争厂商对照零件或 Eaton 旧零件的 Eaton 零件编号。了解详情

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IC 匹配工具

查找 Eaton 的 IC 参考设计产品。了解详情

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