- Chemtronics 是全球领先的高品质、超高纯度特殊化学品、供给和脱焊产品制造商和全球供应商,其产品适用于电子、电气 OEM 和服务市场中印刷电路板、电子组件和机电组件的维修、返工和清洁。

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Chemtronics 的紧凑型除尘罐是无油干燥型“罐装空气”之源,专为需要安全、超洁净清洁的应用而开发。 了解详情

CircuitWorks® BA Dispensing Pens

Chemtronics and Digi-Key offer empty pens for any liquid. 了解详情

CircuitWorks® Silicone Free Heat Sink Grease

Chemtronics and Digi-Key offer non-corrosive thermal conductive grease in a syringe dispenser. 了解详情

CircuitWorks® Boron Nitride Heat Sink Grease

CircuitWorks boron nitride heat sink grease from Chemtronics is an ultra-high efficiency, thermally conductive grease. 了解详情

CircuitWorks® No-Clean Tacky Flux

CircuitWorks no-clean tacky flux from Chemtronics is a conveniently packaged no-clean flux gel formulated for easy BGA rework. 了解详情

CircuitWorks® Epoxy Overcoat

CircuitWorks epoxy overcoat from Chemtronics is a two component, 100% solids, permanent epoxy coating for electronic circuit and component protection. 了解详情

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CircuitWorks Product Overview Publish Date: 2011-11-15

Provides convenience packaging, and precision dispensing and delivery via three product lines including repair/cleaning, adhesives/epoxies, and lubricants.

Duration: 15 minutes
Soder-Wick® Lead-Free Publish Date: 2011-11-15

Quicker heat transfer takes Solder-Wick® to a newer, faster, and more efficient soldering desoldering method which also helps to use less soldering iron tips.

Duration: 15 minutes

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Plato 170S Extra-Strong Cutter and Brass Tip Cleaner

Features and benefits of the 170S Extra-Strong Cutter and Brass Tip Cleaner

Chemtronics BrushClean Demo

A demonstration of cleaning flux residues from a PCB using the Chemtronics Flux-Off BrushClean system

Chemtronics Wipes

An overview of the ESD wipes available from Chemtronics

Chemtronics Soder-Wick

An overview of the features and benefits of the Chemtronics Soder-Wick





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