- Bourns, Inc. 由 Marlan 和 Rosemary Bourns 创立于 1947 年,自成立以来一直是电子产业界设计、制造和销售电子元件和集成解决方案的领先厂商。 作为一个行业创新者,Bourns 的产品开发目标针对诸如计算机、电信、汽车和便携式电子产品之类高增长行业。


Multifuse PPTC Resettable Fuses

Image of Bourns Multifuse Resettable Fuses

Bourns announces the introduction of the new 8 V and 6 V rated Model MF-FSML/X series of low resistance surface mount Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) resettable fuses. Learn More

Inductive Components

Image of Bourns Inductive Components

Bourns introduces the Model CVH201610A Multilayer Power Chip Inductors Series. Learn More

Polymeric Thermal Cutoff Devices

Image of Bourns Polymeric Thermal Cutoff Devices

Bourns announces the introduction of a new family of Polymeric Thermal Cutoff (P-TCO) devices designed to protect USB-C cables from destructive and potentially dangerous thermal runaway events. Learn More

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CRxxxxA-AS 系列片式电阻器

Bourns 的 CRxxxxA-AS 系列耐硫、符合 AEC-Q200 标准的厚膜片式电阻器有助于加强已经覆盖广泛的表面贴装片式电阻器。 了解详情

BPS140 系列传感器

Bourns® 的 BPS140 传感器具有高灵敏度/准确度、长期可靠性、耐高温性能以及某些苛刻的介质兼容性。 了解详情

MF-GSMF 系列 Multifuse® 聚合物 PTC 自恢复保险丝

Bourns 的 MF-GSMF 系列聚合物 PTC 自恢复保险丝具有更高的电压 (36 VDC) 和保持电流 (3.0 A) 额定值,初始电阻低至 0.01 欧姆。 了解详情

MF-FSML/X 系列 PPTC 可复位保险丝

Bourns 的 8 V 和 6 V 额定电压 MF-NSML/X 型号系列是低电阻表面贴装聚合物正温度系数 (PPTC) 可复位保险丝。 了解详情

GMOV™ 混合过压保护元件

Bourns® GMOV™ 混合式过压保护元件将金属氧化物变阻器和气体放电管与节省空间的 FLAT® 专利技术结合在一起。 了解详情


Bourns 的 70AA、70AB 和 70AD 公母弹簧连接器采用薄型设计,可靠性经验证达到 50,000 次配合循环。 了解详情


Bourn 的电路保护器件图片


Bourns 全面的设计说明、白皮书、应用说明、技术文章和产品指南与目录资料库提供了深入的技术信息,以支持您的应用开发需求。了解详情

Bourns Inc 的 PortNote™ 解决方案/设计套件

PortNote™ 解决方案

为方便客户,Bourns 提供各种各样的 PortNote™ 解决方案和设计套件。了解详情

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GMOV™ Hybrid Overvoltage Protection Component Publish Date: 2019-08-19

Bourns' GMOV™ component combines the technology of an MOV and GDT with FLAT® technology to resolve premature MOV degradation and failure.

Duration: 5 minutes
Pressure Sensor Overview 更新日期: 2019-08-13

The Bourns Precision Sensor (BPS) portfolio has dependable sensors for every type of pressure, from precision, ultra low pressure to high temperatures and harsh environments.

Duration: 5 minutes
BPS230 Humidity Sensor Publish Date: 2018-10-29

This presentation will provide an overview of the BPS230 Humidity Sensor from Bourns®.

Duration: 5 minutes
Power Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes 更新日期: 2015-01-22

Use Bourn's bidirectional PTVS diodes to protect electronic equipment from damages from high energy transients on AC and DC power lines.

Duration: 35 minutes

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Bourns MF-GSMF Series Fuses | Digi-Key Daily

MF-GSMF series Multifuse polymer PTC resettable fuses from Bourns have a higher voltage (36 VDC) and hold current (3.0 A) ratings with initial resistance as low as 0.01 ohm.

Bourns GMOV™ Protection Components | Digi-Key Daily

The Bourns GMOV hybrid overvoltage protection component combines a metal oxide varistor (MOV) and a gas discharge tube (GDT) with patented space-saving FLAT® technology.

Bourns® Environmental Sensors

BPS pressure sensors are based on innovative MEMS technology which provides extremely accurate condition readings in a miniature package size.

Bourns Environmental Sensors | Digi-Key Daily

The model BPS110 and BPS120 pressure sensor models deliver extremely accurate ultra-low pressure sensing capabilities for sensitive applications.