- Apacer 是公认的创新型存储器模块电源品牌,广泛用于数字媒体应用以及数字数据的读取与分享。 Apacer 真正理解数字数据存储和备份的重要性,因此将继续开发数字存储解决方案的优化版本。 为有效地实现这种目标,Apacer 采用一体化方式,进行产品设计、客户服务、品牌价值调查并积累实际产品经验。 市场调查表明,Apacer 提供的是可靠、创新、时尚和年轻的产品,完全符合其承诺。 用其睿智的口号“Access the Best”(力求完美)来表达其在增加品牌价值方面努力一点不为过,Apacer 一直致力于提供最佳的产品和服务。 “Access”字面意思就是完全便利和自由地进行数据读取、分享和通信,而“Best”代表了无与伦比的质量。 实际上,Apacer 已经通过其存储器模块和外设产品线彻底改进了用户的数字体验。

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工业级 CF 6 CompactFlash

Apacer 的增值型工业级 CompactFlash 存储卡提供高性能、高可靠性和高能效存储。 了解详情

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SLC-Lite Technology Overview Publish Date: 2018-03-07

Comparison between SLC, MLC and SLC-Lite along with benefits for using SLC-Lite.

Duration: 5 minutes
Core Technologies Publish Date: 2016-10-26

This tutorial briefly reviews the three classes of CoreEraser, the features of CoreProtector, and the operation of CoreDestroyer from Apacer.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Apacer uSSD

It offers excellent high data transfer rates, along with lower power consumption.

Apacer SSDWidget

Anytime, Anywhere, Monitor SSD Apacer SSDWidget, a real-time monitoring and diagnosis software tool, addresses the shortcomings of S.M.A.R.T. and satisfies the mobile needs in the cloud computing era.

Apacer SLC lite

What is your priority when choosing NAND flash type for your industrial automation systems: performance, reliability, or cost? Which type of flash memory would be more appropriate for your applications: MLC, SLC, or SLC-lite?

Apacer SATA Module SSD for 1U Server

Apacer SATA Module SSD for 1U Server