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American Electrical, Inc.

- American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) 销售控制器外壳内部和周围的工业电气元件。 American Electrical 专注于控制电路的连接、电源和保护。 American Electrical, Inc. 的大多数产品线源自 DIN 导轨应用。


Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

Image of American Electrical's Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

American Electrical's DIN rail mounted thermocouple terminal blocks are available in types K and J. Learn More

Crimp Wire Ferrules

Image of American Electrical's Crimp Wire Ferrules

American Electrical's crimp wire ferrules are available in three color codes. Used to terminate stranded wires and used with European-style terminal blocks. Learn More

Junction/Hook-Up Boxes

Image of American Electrical's Junction / Hook-Up Boxes

American Electrical's junction/hook-up boxes and accessories are an easy solution for securely connecting wires in small electrical or electronic applications. Learn More

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Image of American Electrical's PoE Injector

PoE 供电器

American Electrical的DIN导轨以太网供电喷射器可以提供IP摄像机,无线接入点,VOIP电话或其他带电源和LAN的设备。

Image of American Electrical's PoE Switches

PoE 交换机

American Electrical (PoE) 3、4 或 8 端口 非托管、加固型工业级交换机旨在可靠地连接恶劣环境中的 PoE 设备。

Image of American Electrical's Molded Case Circuit Breakers


American Electrical 推出一系列采用模制外壳的断路器 (MCCB) 和配件,其电流为 15 A 至 1200 A 并提供七种不同的框架尺寸。

Image of American Electrical's Din Rail Mounted Contactors

DIN 导轨安装式接触器

American Electrical 的 DIN 导轨安装式接触器产品系列是实现可靠、紧凑、成熟的电机、机床和照明控制的理想解决方案。

Image of American Electrical's Safe Circuit

UL 认可和认证的安全电路

为实现高达 20 A (UL) 的电路安全、高质量布线连接要求,American Electrical 的创新型安全电路产品系列因应而生。

Image of American Electrical's Cable Grips


两种 American Electrical, Inc. 电缆网套均达 IP 68 最高级防尘和防水保护等级。


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Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

Duration: 5 minutes

The two different types of thermocouple terminal blocks - J and K - and advantages for using thermocouple blocks.

Cable Grips

Cable Grip Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

Cable grips are easily utilized and provide IP68 protection from debris and water - the highest IP rating available

DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers

DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers

Duration: 5 minutes

Offering 4 types of DIN rail mounted circuit breakers with 3 of them, the 2 AC versions and the DC version being one of the thinnest in the industry at 13 mm.

Wire Ferrules

Wire Ferrules Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

Wire ferrules provide more secure connections, increased conductivity in circuit connections, decreased resistivity, and improved connection integrity.

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CS60 Electric Wire Stripper

The American Electrical, CS 60, Electric Wire Stripper, strips 32-10 AWG. You can set the stripping length and the strip pullback with two easy dials located on the front of the machine. It is finger safe and weighs only 20 pounds.

Publish Date: 2019-05-16

Pneumatic Ferrule Crimpers

24-14 AWG and 12-8 AWG pneumatic ferrule crimpers

Publish Date: 2016-10-06

Din Rail Mounted Fuse Holders

Fuse holder options for all DIN Rail mounted designs

Publish Date: 2016-10-06

Din Rail Options

35mm x 7.5 shallow or 35mmx 15mm deep DIN Rail. Also Aluminum DIN Rail

Publish Date: 2016-10-06