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- Amphenol RF is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of RF interconnect solutions, with experience extending over half a century. Our complete range of RF interconnect products are used in the Automotive, Broadband, Wireless LAN/RFID, Wireless Infrastructure, Military Aerospace and Instrumentation markets. Our product solutions range from connectors to cable assemblies to passive RF components, such as attenuators and RF switches.

Applications assistance is where it begins and Amphenol RF is ready to support your every need. Through the use of collaborative engineering between the RF Division in Danbury, CT and our sister divisions throughout the world, we can achieve a 24/7 engineering development environment similar to our operations environment.

From our sales representatives to our customers, all parties have easy and rapid access to our development engineering personnel. Through the utilization of state-of-the-art design and analysis tools, as well as Internet tools that allow for the transfer of design information in real time, our staff is able to provide the highest level of dedicated customer service.

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, Amphenol RF has global sales, marketing and manufacturing in North America, Asia and Europe. Our primary manufacturing sites are located in Shenzhen, China; Tainan, Taiwan; Nogales, Mexico; and Danbury, CT, US. Related product brands include: Amphenol, Amphenol Advanced Sensors (formerly GE Sensing), Amphenol Aerospace Operations, Amphenol Anytek, Amphenol ICC, Amphenol Industrial, Amphenol LTW, Amphenol Pcd, Amphenol Sine Systems, Amphenol Spectra-Strip, Amphenol SV Microwave.

RF Coaxial Adapters

Amphenol RF Broadcast Interconnects

Amphenol RF offers a full range of In-Series, Between Series, and Tee Adapters. Many commonly used adapters can be found in the Adapter Matrix Brochure. Learn More

SMA Connector Products

Amphenol Connex SMA Thumbnail

Amphenol RF offers a full range of 50 ohm SMA connectors designed to operate up to 18 GHz. Cable mount, panel mount and PCB mount options are available. Learn More

RF is Everywhere

Amphenol Everywhere Thumbnail

Amphenol RF is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of RF interconnect systems. We pride ourselves on providing excellent connector performance. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of Amphenol RF SMA End Launch Receptacles

RF Printed Circuit Board Connectors

Amphenol RF is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of RF coaxial connectors, which offer connector solutions to PCB designs. Our extensive board-level connectors are built to the highest quality standards and offer an ideal RF solution for your PCB application. Learn More

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N-Type Connectors

N-Type connectors feature superior performance that meets today’s highest industry standards. N-Type connectors are primarily used in communications and broadcast industries with applications including base station equipment, satellite systems, antennas, instrumentation equipment, radar and WLAN. Learn More

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18 GHz N-Type Connectors

Amphenol-RF's 18 GHz N-Type connectors are an expansion of the N-Type product line and offers all the same features with an extended frequency range. Learn More

Coaxial Cable & Connector Guide

Find a connector to suit your needs using Amphenol’s Coaxial Cable & Connector Guide. Cable specifications and compatible alternates are available. Learn More

MCX Series Connectors

Amphenol RF's MCX series connectors are available in 50 Ω or 75 Ω options and have a broadband capability ranging from DC to 6 GHz. Learn More

SMA Quick-Connect Coaxial Adapter

Amphenol RF's quick-connect adapters combine with test cables to reduce the time and effort involved in the testing process and extend the life of test cables. Learn More

12G-SDI Broadcast Connectors, Adapters, and Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF's line of high-frequency BNC and HD-BNC connectors support data transfer rates of up to 12Gb/s. Learn More

Board to Board RF Connectors

Amphenol RF’s flexible board to board connector solutions are ideal for blind mating applications. Amphenol connectors are available at Digi-Key. Learn More

Tools & Support

Image of Amphenol RF TRU 75 OHM BNC

True 75 OHM BNC Connectors

Amphenol RF has worked hard to develop our high performance True 75 Ohm BNC product line and will continue to do so. Amphenol engineer Carl Concellman invented the BNC more the 60 years ago, and our engineers are still working to produce a variety of high quality RF solutions. Learn More

Image of Amphenol RF Tools

RF Tools

Amphenol RF has worked hard to develop our high performance True 75 Ohm BNC product line and will continue to do so. Amphenol engineer Carl Concellman invented the BNC more the 60 years ago, and our engineers are still working to produce a variety of high quality RF solutions. Learn More

Image of Amphenol RF Fakra SMB Connectors

FAKRA SMB Connectors

Utilizing a modified metal SMB connector embedded within a plastic housing that can be designed with multiple color codes for easy identification, FAKRA connectors are designed to perform up to 6 GHz and meet particular mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry. Learn More

Image of Amphenol RF SMA End Launch Receptacles

SMA End Launch Connectors

Amphenol RF offers a full range of SMA end launch receptacles and plugs. End Launch SMA connectors are ideal for applications requiring a low VSWR over a wide frequency range. All have a nominal impedance of 50 ohms and are commonly used in high frequency applications. Learn More

Image of Amphenol RF's Interconnect Solutions

Enabling IoT

Amphenol RF offers interconnect solutions for Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Smart Agriculture, and Connected Cars as well as other IoT marketplaces. Learn More

Image of Amphenol RF's 12G SDI Broadcast Solutions

12G SDI Broadcast Solutions

Amphenol RF’s line of 12G BNC and HD-BNC products are optimized for 4K Ultra HD Broadcast, providing fully intact signal transmission on a single channel. Learn More

Recent PTMs View All (15)

SMA Series Connector Publish Date: 2017-07-19

An introduction to Amphenol RF SMA type connectors, including features and benefits, applications, and mounting options.

Duration: 15 minutes
SMPM Connector Series Publish Date: 2016-11-15

This tutorial will present an overview of Amphenol RF's SMPM connector series product offering.

Duration: 5 minutes
High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors Publish Date: 2016-10-19

High frequency SMA end launch connector designs that offer excellent VSWR performance at a much higher frequency than standard SMA connectors.

Duration: 5 minutes
SMP Fixed Length Cable Assembly Publish Date: 2016-03-14

Ideal for high vibration, high frequency, and high data rate applications.

Duration: 5 minutes

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High Power PSMP Offers Ultimate Board to Board Solution

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce its new PSMP interface as the perfect solution for board-to-board applications. With a minimum board spacing of 12.6 mm, the compact three-piece design allows maximum flexibility for high-density board spacing.

HD-BNC by Amphenol RF

Introduction to the High Density BNC family of connectors.

Amphenol RF Rugged Connector Product Line

Amphenol® RF’s ARC line of Ruggedized Connectors are engineered for superior performance. They are designed to operate in extreme conditions. These connectors are fully submersible, as well as, designed to handle the harshest of elements.

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