SPI Flash

SPI Flash

ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.

This presentation will discuss SPI Flash benefits, density migration, and high temperature and automotive solutions.

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Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMemory TypeAvailable Quantity
IC FLASH 16M SPI 104MHZ 8SOICIS25LQ016B-JBLEIC FLASH 16M SPI 104MHZ 8SOICActiveNon-Volatile1576 - ImmediateView Details
IC FLASH 16M SPI 104MHZ 8WSONIS25LQ016B-JKLEIC FLASH 16M SPI 104MHZ 8WSONActiveNon-Volatile0View Details
IC FLASH 32M SPI 104MHZ 8SOICIS25LQ032B-JBLEIC FLASH 32M SPI 104MHZ 8SOICActiveNon-Volatile5387 - ImmediateView Details
IC FLASH 32M SPI 104MHZ 8WSONIS25LQ032B-JKLEIC FLASH 32M SPI 104MHZ 8WSONActiveNon-Volatile3229 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2016-11-03