High Voltage 240 V AC/DC Radial PTC Resettable - 0ZRE Series

Bel Fuse offers its radial leaded PTC - 0ZRE series for applications including line voltage power supplies, transformers, and appliances

Image of Bel Fuse's High Voltage 240 V AC/DC Radial PTC Resettable - 0ZRE SeriesFundamentally, a Bel Fuse PTC consists of a block of polymeric material containing conductive filler and bonded between two conductive, planar terminations. At currents below the device IHOLD rating and at temperatures below 100°C, the PTC maintains a resistance value below its R1 MAX rating.

As the device's temperature approaches 130°C, either due to an increase in ambient temperature or a current exceeding its I TRIP rating, volumetric expansion of the filled polymer breaks apart the majority of conductive pathways across the terminals created by chain contact of adjacent filler particles or device resistance increases sharply by several orders of magnitude.

At the much higher "tripped" resistance, there is just enough leakage current to allow internal heating to "hold" the device in its tripped state (around 125°C) until power is interrupted. Once power is removed, the PTC's core cools and contracts allowing conductive chains to reform and return the device to its low resistance state.

The catalog data for each device specifies a "typical power" value. This is the power required to exactly match the heat lost by the tripped device to its ambient surroundings at 23°C. By Ohm's Law, power can be stated as W = EA2/R. Thus, the approximate resistance of a "tripped" PTC can be determined by R = EA2/W, where "E" is the voltage appearing across the PTC (usually the supply's open circuit voltage) and "W" is the typical power value for the particular PTC. Since the PPTC acts to maintain a constant internal temperature, its apparent resistance will change based upon applied voltage and, to a lesser degree, ambient conditions. Consider the following example:
  • A PTC with a typical power of 1 W protecting a circuit using a 60 V supply will demonstrate an apparent, tripped resistance "R" of
    • R = 6QA2/1 = 3,600 ohms 
  • This same tripped device when used to protect a 12 V circuit would now present an apparent resistance of
    • R = 12A2/1 = 144 ohms

The value for typical power is "typical" because any physical factors that affect heat loss (such as ambient temperature or air convection) will somewhat alter the level of power that the PTC needs to maintain its internal temperature. In short, PTCs do not exhibit a constant, quantifiable tripped resistance value.

Features Specifications
  • Matte tin-plated, copper radial leads
  • RoHS6 compliant
  • Pb-free
  • Halogen-free
  • Bulk pack and tape-and-reel, auto-insertable
  • 240 VDC voltage rating 
  • 50 mA to 2 A IHOLD ampere range
  • UL, TUV agency approvals
  • Wave soldering peak temp of 260°C
  • -40°C to ±85°C operating temperature

High Voltage 240 V AC/DC Radial PTC Resettable - 0ZRE Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent - Hold (Ih) (Max)Current - Trip (It)Resistance - Initial (Ri) (Min)Available QuantityView Details
0ZRE0012FF1C datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 120MA RADIAL0ZRE0012FF1CPTC RESET FUSE 240V 120MA RADIAL120mA300mA3 Ohms27672 - Immediate
0ZRE0012FF1C product page link
0ZRE0005FF1C datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 50MA RADIAL0ZRE0005FF1CPTC RESET FUSE 240V 50MA RADIAL50mA120mA18.5 Ohms24290 - Immediate
0ZRE0005FF1C product page link
0ZRE0025FF1E datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 250MA RADIAL0ZRE0025FF1EPTC RESET FUSE 240V 250MA RADIAL250mA560mA1.3 Ohms5200 - Immediate
0ZRE0025FF1E product page link
0ZRE0033FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 330MA RADIAL0ZRE0033FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 330MA RADIAL330mA740mA830 mOhms5214 - Immediate
0ZRE0033FF1A product page link
0ZRE0055FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 550MA RADIAL0ZRE0055FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 550MA RADIAL550mA1.25A450 mOhms6536 - Immediate
0ZRE0055FF1A product page link
0ZRE0100FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 1A RADIAL0ZRE0100FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 1A RADIAL1A2A220 mOhms1801 - Immediate
0ZRE0100FF1A product page link
0ZRE0150FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 1.5A RADIAL0ZRE0150FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 1.5A RADIAL1.5A3A120 mOhms1327 - Immediate
0ZRE0150FF1A product page link
0ZRE0200FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 2A RADIAL0ZRE0200FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 2A RADIAL2A4A90 mOhms3267 - Immediate
0ZRE0200FF1A product page link
0ZRE0008FF1C datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 80MA RADIAL0ZRE0008FF1CPTC RESET FUSE 240V 80MA RADIAL80mA190mA7.4 Ohms3134 - Immediate
0ZRE0008FF1C product page link
0ZRE0075FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 750MA RADIAL0ZRE0075FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 750MA RADIAL750mA1.5A320 mOhms4485 - Immediate
0ZRE0075FF1A product page link
0ZRE0125FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 1.25A RADIAL0ZRE0125FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 1.25A RADIAL1.25A2.5A170 mOhms1586 - Immediate
0ZRE0125FF1A product page link
0ZRE0040FF1A datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 400MA RADIAL0ZRE0040FF1APTC RESET FUSE 240V 400MA RADIAL400mA900mA600 mOhms560 - Immediate
0ZRE0040FF1A product page link
0ZRE0016FF1C datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V 160MA RADIAL0ZRE0016FF1CPTC RESET FUSE 240V 160MA RADIAL160mA370mA2.5 Ohms64 - Immediate
0ZRE0016FF1C product page link
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Published: 2017-04-19