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KYOCERA Corporation

Image of Kyocera's K Series Clock Oscillators

K 系列

"K" 系列具有 1.5 至 80 MHz 的频率范围,是一个 CMOS 输出,且具有 1.6 至 3.63 V 的宽电源电压。

Image of Kyocera's 6288 Series

6288 系列

Kyocera 的 FPC/FFC 连接器设计用于像车载 GPS 和 AV 设备或者工业和/或医疗电子设备之类应用。

Image of Kyocera's 6411 Series

6411 系列

6411 系列是兼容 PCI-SIG、PCI Express® M.2 规范的连接器。


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近期 PTM

5 minutes
6810 FPC Series Connectors
This presentation introduces the 6810 specifications, pin count availability, and suitable applications for this data signal connector.
5 minutes
Consumer Product Connectors
This presentation will highlight some popular Kyocera board to board and FPC/FFC connectors, their features, specifications, pin count availability and more.
5 minutes
32.768KHz Timing Solutions
Offering solutions from real time clock modules to tuning fork crystals.

关于 KYOCERA Corporation

成立于 1959 年,总部位于日本京都。电子元件事业部是全球领先的连接器、电容器、表面声波 (SAW) 装置和计时装置制造商和供应商。