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Vishay / Dale

Image of Wireless Charging Receiving Coil


Vishay 宣布推出业内首款上市销售的铁基粉末型符合 WPC 要求的无线充电接收线圈。

Image of IHLP-6767GZ-51 Power Inductor

IHLP-6767GZ-51 功率电感器

Vishay/Dale 的 IHLP 扁平、高电流电感器采用 6767 尺寸外壳,封装为 17.15 mm × 17.15 mm,厚度为 7.0 mm。

Image of WSLT2512 High-Temperature Resistor

WSLT2512 耐高温电阻器

Vishay/Dale 的 WSLT2512 是业内首批温度范围在 -65°C 至 +275°C 的表面贴装 power metal strip 电阻器之一。



Resistors: CMB 0207 – The SMD champion for high pulse load applications
Resistors: Vishay Dale Power Metal Strip® - WSHM/WSHP
Vishay's Power Metal Strip Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
IHLE Inductor Product Demo - Improve EMI in Your Circuit

近期 PTM

5 minutes
Power Metal Plate™ WFM Series Resistors
This presentation will introduce Vishay Dale's Power Metal Plate™ WFM series resistors.
5 minutes
WSHM/WSHP Power Metal Strip® Resistors
Vishay Dale's Power Metal Strip® WSHP2818 and WSHM2818 resistors are all-metal welded construction that offers AEC-Q200 qualified automotive grade performance.
5 minutes
MGDT Planar Gate Drive Transformer
Overview of the MGDT planar gate drive transformer series, including benefits, electrical and mechanical specifications, possible applications, and a comparison to toroidal design.
5 minutes
MTPL Hybrid Planar Transformer
Overview of the MTPL hybrid planar transformer series for switch mode power supplies, including benefits, applications, and a comparison of the efficiency in a full bridge configuration and wire wound coil design.
5 minutes
TNPV Thin Film High Voltage Resistors
TNPV high voltage thin film chip resistor series offers operating voltages up to 1000 V allowing for a reduction in component counts.
5 minutes
TNPU Ultra Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor
The TNPU Ultra Precision series is an extension of Vishay’s TNPW series of thin film chip resistors

关于 Vishay / Dale

Vishay 的产品组合是一个具有无与伦比的分立半导体(二极管、MOSFET 和光电元件)和无源元件(电阻器、电感器和电容器)的集合。这些组件几乎适用于工业、计算、汽车、消费、电信、军事、航空航天和医疗市场中所有类型的工业电子器件和设备。Vishay 很荣幸地成为 Digi-Key 的主要合作伙伴。