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Tripp Lite 产品选型表

需要帮助找到理想的 Tripp Lite 解决方案吗?使用我们的 Tripp Lite 产品选型表,获取所需信息从未如此简单!

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如何选择 Tripp Lite PDU

了解如何选择 Tripp Lite 的配电装置。该演示文稿将为您解释用于描述 Tripp Lite UPS 的基本术语和概念。

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Tripp Lite 提供了近 100 种解决方案,可充分利用任何设备的 USB-C 端口,并提供强大的功能、无与伦比的可扩展性和方便的便携性。

近期 PTM

15 minutes
PowerVerter® APS Inverter-Chargers and PV Inverters
PowerVerter® APS inverter/chargers are designed to provide either backup power or mobile power for a variety of applications.
15 minutes
Healthcare Solutions
Tripp Lite provides a complete line of medical-grade and office-grade solutions for use both inside and outside of patient-care areas.
10 minutes
Cables and Connectivity Portfolio
Copper network cables such as Cat5e, Cat6, CX4 and Cat6a cables meet the most current industry standards and provides faster network transmission speeds.
10 minutes
KVM Switches
KVM Switches allow users to control multiple computers or servers using a single console. A "console" refers to three devices: a keyboard, a monitor and a mouse.
20 minutes
SmartOnline Single-Phase UPS Systems-5kVA and Above
Offers a wide variety of complementary products that enhance the operation and manageability of its UPS systems.
10 minutes
How to Select a Tripp Lite UPS System -Below 5 kVA
Capacity describes how much power (in watts) one or more Tripp Lite UPS systems can support during a blackout.


P006-004 Heavy-Duty Power Cords
PDUMH20ATNET Power Distribution Unit
Tripp Lite AVR750U AVR Series UPS System
Tripp Lite 10-port USB Hub U222-010-R

关于 Tripp Lite

95 年多来,Tripp Lite 的名字一直代表着杰出的产品可靠性和卓越的服务。Tripp Lite 制造超过 4,000 种产品,为计算机、网络设备和电子设备提供动力和连接,这构成了我们互联世界的基础。在台式机上,在数据中心中,无论电源和信息流在哪里,解决客户问题并满足他们最高期望的产品和服务就是 Tripp Lite 解决方案的标志。Tripp Lite 总部位于美国伊利诺伊州芝加哥,在全球拥有办事处和合作伙伴,保持着全球影响力。