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TE Connectivity Aerospace Defense and Marine

Image of TE Connectivity's KILOVAC Lightweight DC Contactors


TE 的 EV200/LEV100/LEV200 接触器在 900 VDC 时的连续额定电流高达 500 A,采用非常紧凑的封装。

Image of TE Connectivity's Backplane RF Modules


TE Connectivity 的多针位背板射频模块是一种模块化、高密度盲插射频背板连接系统。

Image of TE Connectivity's Solutions Rugged Environment


60 多年来,TE Connectivity 始终如一地帮助航空航天、国防和船舶行业将性能推向新的水平。



TE Connectivity KILOVAC KCS Series | Digi-Key Daily
AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors
AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors - Japanese
AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors - Chinese

近期 PTM

10 minutes
High-Speed Copper Investigation 1G and 10G Ethernet
Discuss the high performance applications and industries in which TE's CeeLok FAS-T connectors are used.
5 minutes
Heat Shrink: Micro Molded Overview
TE Connectivity's Heat-Shrinkable product line offers smaller size, weight and space savings, and provides protection against mechanical abuse.
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D200 MiniSeal Overview
The D200 MiniSeal crimp splices are completely sealed from the outside environment and offer excellent long-term performance in demanding applications.
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D-436-3X-COLD Cold Applied Splice
Sealed from the outside environment and has a one step installation. Offer great long term performance in demanding applications such as fueled environments.
5 minutes
Tinel-Lock Connector Adapters and Rings
TE's Tinel-Lock Adapters are fast and reliable and feature quick and simple termination, a low profile, temperature indicator, 360° high-compression force.
5 minutes
S200 Heat Shrinkable Terminators
An environment-resistant seal gives these resisters a maximum temperature rating of 200°C and offers excellent reliable and long-term performance.

关于 TE Connectivity Aerospace Defense and Marine

无论您为适应新一代以网络为中心的战场装备士兵,为飞行器和船舶减轻重量、提升能力,还是为商用飞行器提供先进的网络,TE Connectivity(原 Tyco Electronics)始终承诺先进的设计和世界级制造,提供创新产品,而且即使您的最先进项目也能助您一臂之力。

自 1941 年以来,每当帮助客户解决航空航天、国防和船舶行业的设计难题时,我们都始终将创新放在首位。请在设计之初就与我们沟通,我们的专业能力将让您全面受益。我们能帮您缩短设计周期、降低成本、提高可靠性、进行工艺性设计,帮您应对来自海陆空的各种苛刻要求。