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We've Got the Power to Protect Your Automation

For decades, Siemens brings production plants to life by offering complete solutions no matter the industry or need. A reliable power and network infrastructure is essential to maintain critical manufacturing processes.

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SITOP PSU8600 - Benefits of the power supply system
SITOP SEL1200 and SEL1400 - Switching or Limiting
SITOP PSU6200 - Evaluation and visualization of the device data
SITOP PSU6200 – the all-around power supply for a wide range of applications

关于 Siemens

160 多年来,Siemens USA 一直是推动美国前进的国家资产,过去二十年在美国投资了 400 亿美元。该公司的技术支撑了构成美国经济支柱的诸多关键基础设施和重要行业。Siemens USA 拥有 40,000 名员工和 24,000 多家供应商,客户遍布全美 50 个州和波多黎各,与美国的 100 多个城市合作,改变了人们的日常生活——从更灵活、生产力更高的工厂,到更智能、更具弹性的建筑和电力系统,再到更可靠、可持续的交通。