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Pulse Electronics

- Pulse Electronics 是您电子元器件领域的合作伙伴,能够为客户提供所需的技术解决方案,帮助客户构建出下一代好产品。Pulse 拥有很长的磁性元件、天线和连接器创新沿革,能够快速推动产品进入高品质、大批量生产。公司服务于无线和有线通信、电源管理、军事/航空航天和汽车行业。Pulse 也是 IEEE、ATIS、ETSI、HDMI、DSL 论坛、CommNexus 和 MoCA 之类组织的会员。

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Image of Pulse Electronics High Isolation Ethernet Transformers for Industrial and Medical Applications


Pulse 的高隔离以太网变压器具有多种工作电压、隔离电压和浪涌/脉冲选择。

Image of Pulse Electronics Network PM220x Series SMT Inductors

PM220x 系列 SMT 电感器

Pulse PM220X 系列专为汽车和工业应用而设计,具有与 PA500X 系列相同的质量性能。

Image of Pulse's JXR8 Series of Ethernet Connector Modules

用于引脚浸锡膏焊接的以太网连接器模块 - JXR8 系列

Pulse 的 JXR8 1x2 PIP Tab Down 系列以太网连接器模块旨在用单一解决方案提供安全隔离和降噪。

Image of Pulse Electronics' PA4339 Series Compact Power Line Common Mode Chokes

紧凑型电力线共模扼流圈 - PA4339 系列

Pulse 用于开关模式电源的 PA4339 共模扼流圈系列采用扁平外形设计,是目前市场上最紧凑的电力线共模扼流圈。

Image of Pulse's Wire Wound Common Mode Chip Chokes - PE-1210CCMC Series

绕线式共模芯片扼流圈 - PE-1210CCMC 系列

Pulse 的 PE-1210CCMC 系列可用于以太网供电的快速以太网和直流电压供电线路。

Image of Pulse's Automotive Common Mode Chip Chokes - PE-1210ACC Series

汽车共模芯片扼流圈 - PE-1210ACC 系列

Pulse 的 PE-1210ACC 尺寸提供符合汽车可靠性标准 AEC-Q200 的芯片扼流圈,补充了其原有的 PE-1812ACC 系列。


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Ethernet Magnetics

AEC-Q200 Ethernet Magnetics

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will give a brief overview of Pulse's ethernet magnetics used in automotive communications applications.


Automotive Chipchokes

Duration: 5 minutes

CAN-bus is a standard designed to allow microcontrollers and other devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer.


HDBaseT™ 5Play™ Magnetics

Duration: 5 minutes

A technology which allows ultra high definition video, audio content, Ethernet.

Mode Choke

Integrated Common Mode and Differential Mode Chokes

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to the theory and benefits of integrating two separate components into a single integrated CMDM magnetic part.

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Pulse Electronics Automotive Ethernet CMCs | Digi-Key Daily

100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1 CMCs from Pulse Electronics Network Division's supports multiple applications that implement single twisted pair Ethernet in the automobile.

Publish Date: 2019-01-31

Medical Grade Magnetics for Ethernet applications- HXU6200NL

Ethernet magnetics that qualifies to UL60601 with 3KVrms Isolation for 4 Pair PoE 30W Applications.

Publish Date: 2018-09-24