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10 minutes
Understanding Remote Control and Remote Keyless Entry
Learn about RF encoders, transmitters, receivers, and decoders, and the process that enables Remote Keyless Entry.
10 minutes
Understanding RF Modules
Overview of what a Radio Frequency module is and how to select the right one.
10 minutes
FCC and Legal Considerations with Linx Radio Modules
Discuss the requirements of the FCC Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 47, Part 15 which deals with unlicensed RF operation.
10 minutes
Considerations Sending Data Over Wireless Link
Learn about challenges that must be faced in order to maintain a secure system including encryption, protocols, and packet delivery.
10 minutes
Encoders and Decoders Overview
Encoder and decoder IC overview and the differences between Linx encoders and decoders.
10 minutes
Introduction to the RF Environment
Providing a basic understanding of how signals are transmitted and received in an RF environment.

关于 Linx Technologies

Linx Technologies 开发和制造的无线产品让处于任何技术水平的工程师都可轻松使用,从而使无线技术变得更简单。公司为射频模块、远程控制器件、评估套件以及主要开发系统提供简单明了的硬件配置和清晰的文档。Linx 产品使工程师和业余爱好者可轻松集成无线特性,而无需从头开始费钱费力地设计射频功能。