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Littelfuse 产品无处不在,与我们如影随形

Littelfuse 产品无处不在,在日常使用的许多产品中都有它们的身影。其产品是智能手机、厨房电器、汽车电子、HVAC、水/废水、能源、运输等领域不可或缺的一部分。

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功率半导体 - 碳化硅 (SiC)

功率电子器件中的碳化硅 (SiC) 器件具有快速开关时间、高阻断电压能力以及高温下工作能力优势。

Image of Littelfuse's Magnetic Temperature Sensors

磁和温度传感器 - 簧片、NTC、RTD

Littelfuse 的磁性传感器选择包括笛簧开关、磁簧传感器、霍尔效应传感器、笛簧继电器以及裸装和封装型磁性致动器。

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An introduction to basic operation, electrical characteristics, product portfolio, features and benefits, and applications for TMOVs.
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About Littelfuse

Littelfuse products are vital components in applications that use electrical energy, from consumer electronics to vehicles and industrial facilities. They offer the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products, with growing platforms in power control and sensing. They are expanding into adjacent markets as part of their corporate strategy of accelerated organic growth and strategic acquisitions. These markets include power semiconductors, heavy-duty switches, magnetic, optical, electromechanical, and temperature sensors; and products that provide safe control and distribution of electrical power.