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Eaton 选型工具旨在加快单个汽车系统和要求的元器件选择。



Low Voltage XVM-16 and XTM-18 Supercapacitor energy storage modules
Bussmann Series 0603HV Fuse for RJ45 I/O Connector Applications
Automotive Grade High Current Inductors – HCM1AV2 Series
XVM-16 and XTM-18 Supercapacitor Modules

近期 PTM

10 minutes
Eaton Brand Supercapacitors
This presentation will introduce the basic parameters needed for sizing a supercapcitor.
10 minutes
Shielded Drum Core Inductor Coiltronics DR Series
Cost, size, and performance benefits are a few amongst many benefits offered by this series, which is commonly used in the consumer electronics market.
10 minutes
SEPIC Converter
Cost, size, and performance benefit when using couples inductors compared to using two discrete inductors.
15 minutes
PowerStor Supercapacitors
Overview of the considerations to take when selecting a PowerStor supercapacitor.
10 minutes
ESD Voltage Suppressors
Benefits, limitations, operating modes, and applications for an array of ESD voltage suppressing technology options.
15 minutes
Simple Procedures for Proper Overcurrent Protection of DC-DC Converters
An introduction to fuse functions and a guide to proper fuse selection, risk minimization, and typical fuse locations and applications.

关于 Eaton-Electronics Division

Eaton 是一家动力管理公司,2017 年销售额达 204 亿美元。我们提供高效的解决方案,帮助我们的客户更有效、安全和可持续地管理电气、液压和机械动力。Eaton 致力于通过使用电源管理技术和服务来改善生活质量和环境。Eaton 员工约拥有 96,000 名,向超过 175 个国家/地区的客户销售产品。