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CTS Corporation – Company Introduction
Pro Audio Control - VR Series Panel Potentiometers
VCXO High-Performance Crystal Oscillator Products
CTS EMI Filters

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5 minutes
Low Noise Frequency Translator Jitter Attenuator
CTS has developed a family of miniature PLL devices that allow manufacturers to clean signals from noise that has been introduced while locking to a reference source, or while multiplying a low frequency to a higher frequency.
10 minutes
220 Series Rotary DIP Switch
Robust design that utilizes "BCD" Code and has several options for switch positions, terminations, and actuators.
5 minutes
Sealed Precision Potentiometer
The 282 and 284 series potentiometers feature long life, sealed construction, tight linearity, and a wide operating temperature range.
5 minutes
An introduction to the Tusonix division of CTS Corporation and the large product line of discrete EMI/RFI filters, coaxial broadband EMI/RFI filters, and more.
15 minutes
DIP Switch
CTS DIP switches contain a set of contacts packaged in a single unit, with terminals on the opposing sides of the unit.
10 minutes
Crystal Clock Oscillators
CTS's product portfolio of crystal clock oscillators including application examples.

关于 CTS Corporation

CTS Electronic Components 是 CTS 的子公司。该公司提供五种产品线:电子元件、滤波器、频率控制、电阻器和热管理解决方案。该公司制造种类丰富的频率控制设备、陶瓷射频滤波器和双工器、EMI/RFI 滤波器、电容器、DIP 和旋转开关、旋转和线性电位计、编码器、电阻器和电阻器/电容器网络以及热管理元件。CTS 制造地点设在美国新墨西哥州的 Albuquerque、马萨诸塞州的 Hopkinton、墨西哥的 Nogales、新加坡、中国的中山和天津,以及中国台湾的高雄,能够服务于各大市场领域,如医疗、国防和航空航天、工业控制、电源管理、HVAC、安防、照明、音频、通信、计算机和电子网络。