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Image of C&K's KSC Series Tactile Switches

KSC 系列触摸开关

C&K 的 KSC201、KSC401、KSC701 和 KSC1001 开关专为适应密集型使用而设计,如用于网络基础设施和工业电子领域。

Image of C&K's Industrial Switches


C&K 针对工业应用的恶劣环境和性能要求提供完整的开关产品组合。

Image of C&K's Medical Device and Healthcare





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近期 PTM

10 minutes
Energy and Utility Applications
This presentation will review key energy and utility related applications, overview some of the common switching functions, and highlight suggested C&K switch products by application.
10 minutes
Factory Automation Applications
This tutorial will introduce the industrial switches for Factory Automation Applications.
10 minutes
Test & Measurement Applications
An introduction to industrial switches for Test & Measurement applications, as well as a review of common switching functions and some suggested C&K switch products by application.
10 minutes
Medical Device and Healthcare
Meeting key requirements of medical devices such as reliability, miniature footprints, corrosion resistance to body fluids, long cycle life, and customization options.
10 minutes
Wearable Devices Applications for the Internet of Things
Switches which are ideally suited to the specific needs of wearable devices.
15 minutes
Building Automation Applications
C&K’s industrial switch portfolio is comprised of high performance and high reliability switches for mission critical applications

关于 C&K

C&K 是接口和开关技术、智能卡和高可靠性连接器产品领域的行业领导者。C&K 提供超过 55,000 个唯一的零件编号,采用这些编号的零件均按照标准分类项目制造、定价和交付。C&K 的产品包括:扁平触摸开关、导航开关、检测开关、按钮开关、旋转开关、开关锁和按键开关、滑动开关、拨动开关、DIP 开关、发光开关和密封开关。