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Amphenol Information Communication & Commercial

Image of Amphenol ICC's Harsh Environment Product Solutions


Amphenol ICC 提供全系列用于任何环境的坚固型连接器,适合当今各种各样最具创新意义的应用。

Image of Amphenol ICC's Wire/Board-to-Board Connector Solutions


Amphenol 拥有类型丰富的线对板和板对板连接器解决方案,可满足每一种设计要求。

Image of Amphenol ICC Power Solutions


Amphenol ICC 提供高度可配置的电源连接器,适合的应用领域包括工业 4.0、超大规模计算、能源管理等。


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Amphenol ICC MRU Series USB Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

近期 PTM

5 minutes
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This presentation will provide an overview of the RJ magnetic modular jacks, go over the features and benefits and various aspects of the offering.
5 minutes
Minitek® 2.0 mm Connector Overview
This presentation will introduce the Minitek 2.0 mm connector, for versatile applications. It will also provide a product overview and list the features and benefits for this connector series.
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High Speed Interconnects I/O Solutions
The markets, applications, roadmap, performance, features, and benefits of the High Speed I/O interconnect solutions from Amphenol.
10 minutes
Harsh Environment Connector Solutions
Overview of Amphenol’s Harsh Environment Product Roadmap
5 minutes
USB Type-C
USB type C also has an integrated shielding design that improves the signal integrity and EMI shielding performance
10 minutes
Filter D-Sub
EMI filter and filter connector explained, why customers need filtering, and the information needed to select the correct filter D sub by application.

关于 Amphenol Information Communication & Commercial

Amphenol ICC 是 Amphenol 旗下的一个部门,于 2017 年 1 月由 Amphenol FCI (AFCI) 和 Amphenol IT noise cancelling directivity 联合成立。新的 Amphenol ICC 部门由以下 Amphenol 集团组成:Amphenol FCI、Amphenol Commercial Products、Amphenol High Speed Interconnects、Amphenol InterCon Systems、Cables on Demand 和 Amphenol TCS。新部门进一步加强了设计和制造领域,同时加深了与 Amphenol 客户的关系。Amphenol ICC 是为信息、通信和商业电子市场提供互连解决方案的全球领导者。