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Abracon LLC.

Image of Abracon's Navigational IoT Antennas

Navigational IoT Antenna Solutions

Abracon’s wide range of antenna solutions, from small ceramic SMD chip antennas to omnidirectional external antennas, supports NSS/GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou protocols.

Image of Abracon's ASADV/ASDDV/ASEDV Series

ASADV/ASDDV/ASEDV Series Oscillators

Abracon's ASADV, ASDDV, and ASEDV series of MHz crystal oscillators are designed for simplicity and optimized for low power consumption.

Image of Abracon's AMPLA Series

AMPLA Series Molded Inductors

Abracon’s AMPLA series molded power inductors utilize metal alloy powder cores for higher power densities with lower DCRs and core losses.


Abracon ClearClock PLL-Based Crystal Oscillators
Abracon RJ45/LAN Transformers Connected Solutions
Abracon Molded Inductors
Abracon: Who We Are Today

近期 PTM

5 minutes
External Antenna Series
Introduction of External GPS, GSM and combination of GPS+GSM antennas offered by Abracon.
5 minutes
ANFCA Series- NFC Antenna
Introduction to the ANFCA series, flexible peel and stick NFC antennas.
15 minutes
AMCA Series Ceramic Multilayer Chip Antenna
AMCA Series offers a range of Multilayer Chip Antennas as described by their part number code.
10 minutes
AWCCA Series: Wireless Charging Coil
Provides cost effective, high performance coils for wireless power transmitters and receiver systems.
5 minutes
ABLNO Series & Evaluation Board
Feature ultra low phase noise and exceptionally low RMS jitter. With 15 standard frequencies, their use applies to a wide variety of applications.
5 minutes
ATFC RF Thin Film Chip Inductors
The manufacturing process, advantages, performance and applications of the ATFC RF thin film chip inductors from Abracon.

关于 Abracon LLC.

Abracon 创立于 1992 年,是无源和机电定时、同步、电源、连接和射频解决方案的全球化制造商。Abracon 提供各种各样的石英晶体、MEMS 和石英振荡器、实时时钟 (RTC)、蓝牙模块、陶瓷谐振器、SAW 滤波器和谐振器、电源和 RF 电感器、变压器、电路保护器件和 RF 天线、无线充电线圈。该公司通过了 ISO9001-2015 认证,在德克萨斯州拥有设计和应用工程资源,并在美国、中国、台湾、新加坡、苏格兰、以色列、匈牙利、英国和德国设有销售办事处。Abracon 的产品通过其全球经销网供应。