- Susumu 是薄膜技术领域的创新者和专家:提供片式电阻器、芯片网络、精密电阻网络、片式电感器,延迟线、功率扼流圈、电流传感器。

当今 IC 的特点是小型、高速和功能丰富。 Susumu-USA 的薄膜元件即为满足这些要求而制造。 例如,我们的薄膜片式电阻器在不显著增加任何噪声的情况下,拥有在 GHz 范围内的高频性能,而我们的芯片电流传感器则拥有出色的热耗散性能(世界上最小的用于电源的电流传感器)以及更多...

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RGT Series Resistors

Susumu's RGT series metal thin-film chip resistors are ideal for applications that require high temperature such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial. 了解详情

HRG3216 Series Resistors

Susumu’s highly reliable and precision HRG series has power rating of 1 W for 1206 size with regular short side wrap around terminals. 了解详情

KRL 系列电阻器

Susumu 的 KRL 系列电阻器是 Susumu 的最新低电阻、电流检测用片式电阻器。 了解详情

URG Series

Susumu's URG thin film chip resistors offer increased levels of reliability and stability compared to competitor's similar components. 了解详情

Low Resistance Current Sensors

Small (per wattage) chip resistors with low ESL and little signal noise even when used in high frequency applications from Susumu. 了解详情

PAT Series Attenuators

Susumu's PAT series attenuators are thin film high performance attenuators with excellent accuracy, reliability, stability, and frequency performance with minimal temperature related variability. 了解详情

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RG Series of High Value Resistors Publish Date: 2017-05-23

This tutorial will introduce Susumu’s RG series of High Value Resistors.

Duration: 10 minutes
RS Series of Precision Audio Resistors Publish Date: 2017-05-15

This presentation will introduce Susumu’s precision audio resistors, the technology used to make them, and the applications for the precision audio resistor the RS series.

Duration: 10 minutes
High Power Chip Resistor HRG Series Publish Date: 2016-03-11

Explore Susumu’s new high power resistors, the HRG series with the conventional short side wraparound terminal, a sibling of the high power PRG

Duration: 5 minutes
URG Thin Film Chip Resistor Publish Date: 2014-02-25

The URG series is the reliability enhanced version of Susumu's RG series.

Duration: 10 minutes

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