Storm Interface

- 公司目标:开发、制造和行销坚固耐用、反应迅速的适合广泛工业和公共应用的数据接入设备。


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2210、2210-T/B 和 2230 防破坏键盘

Storm 以其专有开关技术提供反应迅速的按键动作,以确保在恶劣环境下快速、可靠的数据输入。 了解详情

1000 系列防破坏小键盘

1000 系列防破坏小键盘 了解详情

720 Series Keypads

Designed as 'fit and function' alternatives, secure and reliable keypads that can be used for a variety of keytop options from Storm Interface. 了解详情

450i 和 450 系列 USB 2.0 键盘编码器

Storm Interface 的“开箱即用”型编码器提供了一个简单且节约成本的系统接口,不只是一个数字数据输入接口。 了解详情

3000 Series Illuminated Keypads

Data entry keypads, from Storm Interface, feature engraved, high contrast keytop graphics for indoor and outdoor applications. 了解详情

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720 Series

This is a demonstration of the new 720 series keypads.

5100 Series

Check out the new 5100 Series USB Graphics displays

450 Series Encoder

This is introduction video for the Storm Interface 450 Series Encoder and its usage with a keypad.

Storm Introduction

This is an inside tour of the Storm Interface manufacturing process. It highlights the advantages of Storm products and their superior build quality.