Samsung Electro-Mechanics America, Inc.

- Samsung Electro Mechanics (SEMCO) 是广泛的高性能电子元器件的领导厂商。1973 年以来,SEMCO 一直走在挑战不断的终端产品工业设计前沿,产品既满足了小型化的需要,又丝毫不牺牲质量和性能。


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汽车级多层陶瓷电容器 (MLCC)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics 的汽车级多层陶瓷电容器 (MLCC) 能很好地满足汽车领域的苛刻要求。 了解详情


Samsung Electro-Mechanics 在其高性能 ASR(耐硫电阻器)中使用其独特的材料和工艺,通过采用最高的腐蚀试验条件(105°C/720 小时)来保证优异的耐硫性能。 了解详情

软端接电容器(3 mm 保障)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics 软端接 MLCC 专门用于在高度恶劣的工业环境中工作,其抗弯强度 ≥ 3 mm。 了解详情

低 ESL 3 端子电容器

Samsung Electro-Mechanics 低 ESL 3 端子电容器可以降低所需通用电容器的数量,从而节省空间。 了解详情

CIB and CIM Series Chip Beads

Samsung beads suppress EMI noise by increased impedance, especially by increased resistance at noise frequency. 了解详情

Chip Resistors and Arrays

The Samsung family of resistors utilizes thick film and state-of-the-art technology to meet customer requirements. 了解详情

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Anti-Sulfur Resistors Publish Date: 2018-03-21

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed sulfur resistant resistor products that use corrosion resistant material such as Pd for terminals, and delays reactions of terminal and sulfur gases.

Duration: 5 minutes
Metal Composite Power Inductors Publish Date: 2017-11-28

Samsung Power inductors are used for the purpose of smoothing in PM ICs and DC-DC converters that require high-rated current and low RDC

Duration: 15 minutes
Soft Termination MLCC 更新日期: 2017-09-25

Open mode and soft termination constructions offer several options that reduce or eliminate risk of forming cracks, bending, vibration, and electrical shorts.

Duration: 10 minutes
High Capacitance MLCC Publish Date: 2017-08-11

This presentation will introduce the Samsung high capacitance MLCC as a solution for replacement of Al electrolytic capacitor and Ta capacitor.

Duration: 10 minutes