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Maxim Integrated

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Maxim 的产品组合包含电源、模拟、接口和通信等各种各样的技术解决方案。立即在 Digi-Key 上了解详情!

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Maxim 为各种行业提供多种设计工具、资源和技术信息,以帮助实现更好、更快、更轻松的设计。

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Trinamic + Maxim

Trinamic 现已并入 Maxim Integrated,通过将数字信息转换为精确的物理运动,让运动控制变得像数 1-2-3 一样容易。


Session 2 - AI at the Edge A Practical Introduction to Maxim Integrated’s MAX78000 AI Accelerator
How to Set Up Bidirectional DC Powerline Communication Using the MAX20340
Getting Started with the MAX41400 Amplifier that Enhances System Accuracy and Extends Battery Life
High Power Density Solutions for AI & Server

近期 PTM

5 minutes
MAX34417 High Performance Power Accumulator
Introduction to the MAX34417 high performance power accumulator including features and benefits, typical configurations, and design challenges it addresses
5 minutes
MAX98357 and MAX98358 Class D Amplifiers
An introduction to Maxim's MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital amplifier, including its features and benefits, ease of use, target markets, and applications.
5 minutes
MAX22505 High-Speed USB Port Protector
This presentation highlights this +/-40 V high-speed USB port protector for industrial applications.
5 minutes
MAX13054A CAN Transceiver
This presentation will introduce the CAN transceivers as well as MAX13054A.
5 minutes
MAX40658 and MAX40659 Transimpedance Amplifier LiDAR Application Guide
Introduction to the MAX40658 and MAX40659, including features and benefits, typical configurations, and design challenges they address.
5 minutes
MAX30001 Complete Biopotential and Bioimpedance Analog Front-End Solution for Wearable Healthcare Applications
This presentation will give an overview of Maxim's MAX30001 part and the portfolio.

关于 Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated - 市场在不断发展。规则在不断变化。为了缩短将您的产品推向市场的所需时间,您需要在每一个层级进行整合——从硅片到供应链。让 Maxim Integrated 帮助您应对设计和架构挑战,您将会拥有针对工业、医疗、消费电子、汽车、能源、计算和通信领域的一体化解决方案。Maxim Integrated 也可以为您提供电源、接口以及甚至能工作在模拟世界的数字产品。他们很高兴为您提供参考设计、工具、技术文档、封装以及更多。我们诚邀您体验该公司最新的模拟集成产品。