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Adafruit Industries LLCDelta ElectronicsDFRobotLedex Dormeyer Saia, a Division of Johnson ElectricMakeblock Co., LTD.Olimex LTDSparkFun ElectronicsSumida America Inc.TE ConnectivityTE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
Product Status
-Closed Frame (Pull)Closed Frame (Pull), TubularClosed Frame (Push), TubularClosed Frame (Rotary)Open Frame (Pull)Open Frame (Push)Open Frame Latching (Pull)Open Frame Latching (Push)
Duty Cycle
10%, 10sec On Max-ContinuousIntermittentPulse
Voltage - Rated
Stroke Length
0.060" (1.52mm)0.100" (2.54mm)0.106" (2.70mm)0.125" (3.18mm)0.138" (3.50mm)0.140" (3.56mm)0.177" (4.50mm)0.180" (4.57mm)0.197" (5.00mm)0.200" (5.08mm)0.217" (5.50mm)0.236" (6.00mm)
Power (Watts)
1.1 W1.2 W1.3 W1.35 W1.4 W1.6 W3 W3.1 W3.3 W3.6 W3.8 W4 W
DC Resistance (DCR)
Bushing Thread
1-27 UNF1-27 UNS1-27 UNS-2A3/4-16 UNF3/4-16 UNF-2A3/4-24 UNS-2A3/8-32 UNEF5/16-18 UNF9/16-18 UNF9/16-18 UNF-2A10-32 NF-2A15/32-32 UNF-2A-
Mounting Type
-Chassis MountPanel Mount
Termination Style
-Quick ConnectQuick Connect - 0.110"/0.187"Quick Connect - 0.187" (4.7mm)Quick Connect - 0.187" (4.7mm), 0.110" (2.8mm)Quick Connect - 0.250" (6.3mm)Wire LeadsWire Leads with Connector
Size / Dimension
0.378" Dia x 0.520" L (9.60mm x 13.20mm)0.500" Dia x 0.500" L (12.70mm x 12.70mm)0.500" Dia x 1.000" L (12.70mm x 25.40mm)0.504" Dia x 0.689" L (12.80mm x 17.50mm)0.512" L x 0.492" W x 0.787" H (13.00mm x 12.50mm x 20.00mm)0.622" L x 0.304" W x 0.393" H (15.80mm x 7.72mm x 9.98mm)0.630" L x 0.320" W x 0.400" H (16.00mm x 8.13mm x 10.16mm)0.642" L x 0.406" W x 0.315" H (16.30mm x 10.30mm x 8.00mm)0.737" Dia x 1.490" L (18.72mm x 37.85mm)0.750" Dia x 0.500" L (19.05mm x 12.70mm)0.750" Dia x 1.500" L (19.05mm x 38.10mm)0.770" Dia x 1.550" L (19.56mm x 39.37mm)
Diameter - Shaft
0.062" (1.58mm)0.094" (2.39mm)0.098" (2.50mm)0.110" (2.79mm)0.118" (3.00mm)0.125" (3.18mm)0.130" (3.30mm)0.138" (3.51mm)0.156" (3.97mm)0.157" (4.00mm)0.165" (4.19mm)0.185" (4.70mm)
Shaft Detail
-ClevisGrooveRoundSlanted Slug
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