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Big Easy Driver
SparkFun Electronics
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Big Easy Driver

ROB-12859 Big Easy Driver using the A4988 Stepper Driver Chip

SparkFun Electronics

The Big Easy Driver, is a stepper motor driver board for bi-polar stepper motors up to a maximum 2A/phase. It is based on the Allegro A4988 stepper driver chip. It is the next version of the popular Easy Driver board. Each Big Easy Driver can drive up to a max of 2A per phase of a bi-polar stepper motor. It is a chopper microstepping driver, which defaults to 16-step microstepping mode. It can take a maximum motor drive voltage of around 30V, and includes on-board 5V/3.3V regulation, so only one supply is necessary. Although this board should be able to run most systems without active cooling while operating at 1.4-1.7A/phase, a heat sink is required for loads approaching 2A/phase.

  • Bi-polar Microstepping Driver
  • 2A/Phase Maximum
  • 1.4A - 1.7A / Phase without Heat sink
  • Maximum Motor Drive Voltage: 30V
  • On-board 5V / 3.3V Regulation
  • Control / Drive Type:Stepper, Bipolar
  • Current - Output:2A
  • Interface:Step / Direction
  • Motor Type:Stepper
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Number of Motors:1
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 85°C
  • Type:Board
  • Voltage - Load:35V
  • Voltage - Supply:5VDC
Associated Product
Allegro MicroSystems Drivers
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Power Management-Motor Drivers, Controllers-Drivers